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Two-fer for Royals and Bronco fans PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
Can you think of a better time to be both a Kansas City Royals fan and a Denver Broncos fan? Who would have imagined that both of these teams would be world champions in their sport—especially the Broncos.
This fall, Kansas City went on a captivating run to capture the World Series title. I’ve always been loyal to the Royals ever since I was in college and attended my first-ever pro baseball game—in Kansas City.
And with Nebraska’s own Alex Gordon as one of the team leaders for the Royals, it felt like we were still rooting for the Huskers.
Even some of my friends who are die-hard Colorado Rockies fans found an allegiance to the Royals during their championship run in October.
That’s what’s unique about being a pro baseball or football fan in Nebraska. It’s like I explained to some people I met this weekend during a brief get-away.
In Nebraska, we don’t have a pro team. That why we’re such ardent Husker fans. But when it does come to pro sports, a lot of baseball fans take a keen interest in either the Royals or Rockies while for football fans, it’s either the KC Chiefs or the Broncos. Some of that depends whether you live on the east end of the state or the west end of the state, I told them.
And who would have thought that it would be Peyton Manning and the Broncos hoisting the Super Bowl trophy Sunday. All indications were that this game was going to be a blowout and it was the Broncos who were going to get blown out. Au contraire, my friend.
After all the Cam Newton hype and his bravado, it was disgusting to see his post-game interview—full of grunts, shrugs and one-word answers. He needed to step up and take defeat like a man! Not like the little immature baby he looked like. All the better to make Peyton look like the winner he is.
Not only did we fans of the two teams have fun relishing in their world championships, Imperial’s own Armando Villarreal created memories of a lifetime as well.
He was commissioned to do the official commemorative painting of the Royals’ World Series championship that he presented to them recently. And just last week, he was in San Francisco, site of the Super Bowl, to complete and presented a painting depicting Super Bowl 50 quarterbacks Manning and Newton to the NFL charities and Dire Needs players association. Way to go, Armando.
Yeah, it’s a great time to be a Royals and Broncos fan!


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