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Sixteen on boys’ team set personal bests at home meet PDF Print E-mail

Conference meet will take athletes to Hershey Friday

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Maybe it was the near-perfect weather. Maybe it was being on the home track.    
    Whatever it was, the Longhorn boys turned in some of the best marks of their high school careers at the Chase County Invite last  week.
    Coach Marc Mroczek said 16 Longhorns set personal bests April 21, and several of them had more than one.
    Those improvements are good to see as the team travels to the SPVA conference meet this Friday in Hershey.
    Mroczek said Sutherland and St. Pat’s will be the teams to beat for this year’s SPVA championship. Last year, Perkins County took the title, only the second time in 32 years that it wasn’t won by the Longhorns.
    Both Sutherland and St. Pat’s have a little more depth than Chase County this year, but Mroczek said they will be working hard this week on finding their best three competitors in each event.
    So, in addition to placing at the top in individual events, the fourths, fifths and sixths will all be important Friday, he said.
    Other teams in the SPVA at Friday’s meet will be Hershey, Perkins County and Maxwell.
    Chase County has seen four of the five of SPVA schools at other meets this season, but when the non-SPVA schools are taken out of the mix, it’s hard to tell how the final point standings will shake out, Mroczek added.
    Friday’s meet gets underway at 12:30 p.m. (MT) with the first session of field events.

Boys finish fifth at home meet
    Coach Mroczek had plenty of athletes to highlight following last week’s home meet.
    Among them was junior Steven Way, who scored in three events and had three personal bests.
    Way, who transferred to CCS from Colorado this year, was third in the 100 and sixth in the 200. He also ran as anchor on the 400 meter relay team that placed sixth.
    Alex Sharp came through in the weights again, with a pair of seconds in the shot and discus.
    Schyler Heathers ran a personal best in the 400, taking fifth after winning the second fastest heat that day.
    It was an exciting 1600 meter run for Longhorn fans. Running a personal best, Kyle Bottom edged out teammate Tyler Talbott at the finish as the pair picked up fifth and sixth. Talbott was the only medal-winner for CCS in the 3200 with third place.
    Tom Sullivan was near his personal best in the 800, in which he picked up fourth place.
    The 3200 meter relay team ran its best time of the season at 9:10.23 to take second, Chase County’s best relay finish of the day.
    But, Mroczek said they will have to drop that time well under nine minutes to make state qualification in a two weeks.
    The coaches are still looking for the top personnel in the 1600 meter relay, he said. There are five who could fill those four spots, which will probably be finalized this week.
    Others scoring for the Longhorns were Daniel Regier in the triple jump and Tyler Roenfeldt in both the shot and discus.
    Ogallala took the Imperial meet title by just one point, and Chase County finished fifth, just a point out of fourth place.
    Team scoring was  Ogallala 140, Sutherland 139, Perkins County 93, Hershey 63, Chase County 62, Garden County 58, Hershey JV 2 and Ogallala JV 1.
    Two Colorado schools were scheduled to be at the meet last week, but it fell on the same day as a state-qualifying meet in Colorado.  
    The top six finishers scored for their teams at Imperial’s meet, but instead of giving team plaques, eight medals are awarded in each event.

 Here are the results.

  • 100 meter dash—1st, JD Leonard, GC, 11.24; 2nd, Dawson Belden, GC, 11.57; 3rd, Steven Way, CC, 11.64; 4th, Jake Fleecs, Suth., 11.77; 5th, Seth Lampmann, PC, 11.80; 6th, Thomas Shirey, Oga., 11.96; 7th, Chris Anderson, Her., 12.19; 8th, John Jeffers, OJV, 12.22.
  • 200 meter dash—1st, Dustin Jasnoch, GC, 23.31; 2nd, Murphy Lierley, PC, 23.54; 3rd, Ross Mercer, Oga., 23.86; 4th, JD Leonard, GC, 24.72; 5th, Seth Lampmann, PC, 24.96; 6th, Steven Way, CC, 25.10; 7th, Randon McKain, Suth., 25.31; 8th, Jake Fleecs, Suth., 25.32.
  • 110 meter hurdles—1st, Zach Paulman, Suth., 15.00; 2nd, Derek Blessing, Oga., 15.18; 3rd, Lance Glunz, PC, 15.40; 4th, Michael York, PC, 15.81; 5th, Josh Sexson, PC, 15.89; 6th, Zach Cooper, Her., 16.21; 7th, Kurt Morland, Her., 16.48; 8th, Carson Arnett, Her., 17.33.
  • 400 meter dash—1st, Brandon White, Oga., 54.53; 2nd, Trey Johnson, Her., 55.31; 3rd, Thomas Shirey, Oga., 55.67; 4th, Murphy Lierley, PC, 55.77; 5th, Schyler Heathers, CC, 57.49; 6th, Jordan Harness, Suth., 57.93; 7th, Daniel Regier, CC, 58.37; 8th, Misael Lopez, CC, 58.91.
  • 300 meter hurdles—1st, Derek Blessing, Oga., 41.46; 2nd, Randon McKain, Suth., 43.10; 3rd, Michael York, PC, 44.12; 4th, Garrett Blomstedt, Suth., 44.21; 5th, Kurt Morland, Her., 44.36; 6th, Zach Cooper, Her., 45.50; 7th, Joel Fisher, CC, 46.08; 8th, Tyson Lanka, Oga., 46.19.
  • 800 meter run—1st, Landon Holmes, Suth., 2:05.20; 2nd, Tom Kelly, Suth., 2:07.10; 3rd, Trey Johnson, Her., 2:09.50; 4th, Tom Sullivan, CC, 2:12.10; 5th, Aksel Wiseman, HJV, 2:12.70; 6th, Colt Washa, Oga., 2:13.20; 7th, Preston Bernhardt, CC, 2:13.80; 8th, Ryan Pankonin, PC, 2:17.10.
  • 1600 meter run—1st, Landon Holmes, Suth., 5:02.02; 2nd, Willie Cheloha, Suth., 5:08.61; 3rd, Greg Nawyn, Oga., 5:10.79; 4th, Justin Carter, Her., 5:13.15; 5th, Kyle Bottom, CC, 5:13.37; 6th, Tyler Talbott, CC, 5:13.98; 7th, Wes Layton, Her., 5:23.70; 8th, Harry Adams, Oga., 5:27.48.
  • 3200 meter run—1st, Greg Nawyn, Oga., 11:17.56; 2nd, Ryan Pankonin, PC, 11:18.68; 3rd, Tyler Talbott, CC, 11:30.36; 4th, Mike Miller, GC, 11:47.14; 5th, Jeremy Hagan, PC, 12:10.69; 6th, Kevin Binieda, GC, 12:12.26; 7th, Ivan Troxwel, OJV, 12:35.50; 8th, Nathan Garcia, OJV, 12:53.0.
  • Long jump—1st, Randon McKain, Suth., 20’8.5”; 2nd, Ross Mercer, Oga., 19’2”; 3rd, Josh Sexson, PC, 18’11.5”; 4th, Landon Holmes, Suth., 18’9”; 5th, Dawson Belden, GC, 18’8”; 6th, Derek Glessing, Oga., 18’7.5”; 7th, Chris Anderson, Her., 18’3”; 8th, Steven Way, CC, 18’1”.
  • Triple jump—1st, Kye Kurkowski, PC, 39’1.5”; 2nd, Ross Mercer, Oga., 38’7.5”; 3rd, Daniel Regier, CC, 37’2.5”; 4th, Garrett Blomstedt, Suth., 36’5”; 5th, Seth Lampmann, PC, 35’9”; 6th, Taylor Boldt, PC, 35’1”; 7th, Kevin Pinieda, GC, 34’5”; 8th, Alex Winscot, Oga., 34’2”.
  • High jump—1st, Zach Paulman, Suth., 5’10”; 2nd, Jacob McColloch, GC, 5’6”; 3rd, Zach Cooper, Her., 5’6”; 4th, Travis Chandler, Suth., 5’4”; 5th, Jordan Hiatt, Her., 5’4”; 6th, JR Barnett, GC, 5’4”; 7th, Kyle Winscot, Oga., 5’2”; 8th, Alex Winscot, Oga., 5’2”.
  • Shot put—1st, Mike Thalken, Oga., 53’7.5”; 2nd, Alex Sharp, CC, 45’2”; 3rd, Jordan Mahnken, PC, 42’3”; 4th, ConnerMax, Oga., 41’2.5”; 5th, Jerik Victory, Oga., 40’7.5”; 6th, Tyler Roenfeldt, CC, 38’8.5”; 7th, Bryson Hellmuth, Her., 38’; 8th, Frantz Lee Lacrete, GC, 37’.5”.
  • Pole vault—1st, Cody Svoboda, Oga., 13’2”; 2nd, Zach Paulman, Suth., 12’; 3rd, Tyler Frederick, Her., 11’; 4th, John Jeffers, Oga., 19’6”; 5th, Alex Sandberg, Suth., 10’; 6th, Trey Johnson, Her., 10’; 7th, David Hennedy, Suth., 9’6”; 8th, Aksel Wiseman, HJV, 9’6”.
  • Discus—1st, Mike Thalken, Oga., 139’; 2nd, Alex Sharp, 130’7”; 3rd, Jordan Mahnken, PC, 126’5”; 4th, JD Troyer, Her., 125’11”; 5th, Tyler Roenfeldt, CC, 120’7”; 6th, Jerik Victory, Oga., 114’3”; 7th, Conner Max, Oga., 113’9”; 8th, Karsten Victory, OJV, 110’9”.
  • 400 relay—1st, Ogallala, 45.67; 2nd, Garden County, 45.83; 3rd, Sutherland, 46.44; 4th, Perkins County, 48.34; 5th, Hershey, 48.48; 6th, Chase County, Misael Lopez, Jeremiah Lueth, Jonathan Hess, Steven Way, 49.02; 7th, Ogallala JV, 52.88.
  • 1600 relay—1st, Hershey, 3:45.91; 2nd, Sutherland, 3:49.54; 3rd, Perkins County, 3:52.66; 4th, Chase County, Daniel Regier, Misael Lopez, Schyler Heathers, Preston Bernhardt, 3:56.87; 5th, Ogallala, 4:05.58; 6th, Garden County, 4:08.51.
  • 3200 relay—1st, Sutherland, 8:59.77; 2nd, Chase County, Kyle Bottom, Preston Bernhardt, Schyler Heathers, Tom Sullivan, 9:10.23; 3rd, Hershey, 9:24.16; 4th, Ogallala, 9:54.11; 5th, Perkins County, 10:09.76; 6th, Ogallala JV, 10:31.14.
  • 400 Weight Person’s Relay—1st, Sutherland, 51.55; 2nd, Ogallala, 52.34; 3rd, Perkins County, 52.45; 4th, Hershey, 53.27; 5th, Chase County, Lucas Bauerle, Tyler Roenfeldt, Alex Sharp, Alex Strand, 53.67; 6th, Garden County, 56.03; 7th, Ogallala JV, 57.09.

Personal bests

  • 800—Preston Bernhardt, 2:13.8; Shane German, 2:23.
  • 400—Schyler Heathers, 57.5; Jakob Burke, 61.8; Shane German, 62.7; Jonathan Hess, 61.0.
  • 3200—Kerry Swanson, 13:00; Taylor Gellerman, 13:53.
  • 1600—Kerry Swanson, 5:48; Kyle Bottom, 5:13.4; Taylor Gellerman, 6:24.
  • 100—Jacob Pankonin, 12.3; Steven Way, 11.6; Jonathan Hess, 12.5; Daniel Hogsett, 13.0; Misael Lopez, 12.1; Tyrell Bartholomew, 14.3.
  • 200—Steven Way, 25.1; Daniel Hogsett, 27.2; Alex Strand, 28.3; Tyrell Bartholomew, 29.6.
  • Long jump—Steven Way, 18’1”; Jonathan Hess, 16’1.25”; Daniel Hogsett, 15’2”; Tyrell Bartholomew, 11’9”.
  • 300 i.h.—Jakob Burke, 66.1; Joel Fisher, 46.1.
  • 110 h.h.—Joel Fisher, 18.0; Paul Gaschler, 18.3.
  • Triple jump—Tyrell Bartholomew, 26’9”.

Best of Midwest Tuesday
    Coaches and athletes won’t know until Monday which Longhorns will be invited to Tuesday’s “Best of the Midwest” meet at Sutherland.
    Only the top eight athletes in an area that includes southwest Nebraska, parts of the panhandle and schools east to Holdrege and north to Thedford will be invited, Mroczek said.
    That could be anywhere from one to seven from the boys’ team.
    The meet gets underway at 2 p.m. (MT) in Sutherland. All field events will be held first, followed by the running events. No prelims will be held.
    The Longhorns’ final regular season meet will be next Friday, May 8, at Dundy County’s twilight invitational.