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Boosters launch campaign to buy better helmets PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Members of the Longhorn Booster Club have launched a campaign to buy special football helmets to aid in the prevention of concussions.
This season, several players have suffered concussions, keeping some from returning to the field.
As the awareness of concussions continues to increase, the Booster Club felt it was time to take action to protect players.
Their initial goal is to buy 20 Xenith X1 helmets, making the cost $300 each.
They are seeking sponsors willing to make any size of donation.
The Xenith X1 helmet was designed over five years and tens of thousands of impacts at The University of Ottawa Neurotrauma Impact lab.
The X1 has been on the field since the fall of 2007 and has been worn by thousands of players from youth through the professional level.
While no helmet can guarantee prevention of injury, their player data shows the X1 provides protection to minimize the likelihood of a concussive episode.
In the 2009 football season, Xenith studied a broad and diverse population of players, evaluating all high school teams that purchased enough helmets to convert essentially all players, a total of 534.
This group included seven high schools from multiple geographic regions, each of which utilized certified athletic trainers, and generally utilized conservative approaches to diagnosis and management of concussions.  
This group of schools collectively diagnosed 20 concussions in the group of 534 players wearing Xenith X1 football helmets, for a 3.75 percent rate of concussion during the fall 2009 season.
This rate is significantly lower than rates commonly reported in leading medical literature, and represents a 60 percent relative risk reduction compared to teams’ prior experiences.  
The single common intervention among these teams was the conversion to the Xenith X1 helmets.
To participate in the campaign, contact Julie Gockley or mail donations to her at Box 1413, Imperial.


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