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Rebuilding of Imperial’s three major east-west streets to be bid next month PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

After a lot of planning and some changes, the reconstruction of Imperial’s East 5th, 9th and 12th Streets will be bid in January.
Members of the Imperial city council approved project specs and a Jan. 21, 2010 bid opening date at their Monday night meeting.
Engineer Kent Cordes of Miller & Associates met with the council to discuss the street improvements and continued discussion with Public Works Supt. Pat Davison on final details Tuesday.
Cordes indicated work would last most of next year, starting in the spring with a Nov. 25, 2010 completion date expected in the contract.    
“It’s a big project. We pretty much anticipate beginning in the spring and continuing through much of the year,” he said.
While the council originally planned to lay asphalt on East 9th, they changed their mind later in the process when it couldn’t be guaranteed by Cordes that all of the separation on that street would be eliminated.
Now, all three streets will involve total reconstruction and be paved with concrete. In addition, East 9th and 12th Sts. will have some drainage improvements.
Only East 12th St. will be completely rebuilt from Highway 61 west to Broadway.
East 9th St. improvements will be from Longhorn St. west to Chase St.
East 5th St. will be resurfaced from Highway 61 west to Leech St.
The existing asphalt surfaces on all three streets will be milled up and used as part of the base under the new surface, Cordes said.
However, in order to keep access to the streets open as much as possible, Cordes suggested the council consider “phasing-in” the milling work on East 5th and 12th Sts.
He didn’t feel it was necessary to phase-in the milling work on East 9th, since there are limited residences on that street.
However, he’s hopeful he can get in the contract  that the work on East 9th will by limited to between June 1-July 15.
But the phased-in milling work would add thousands of dollars to the cost, Cordes said, as much as $80,000, because it would require that contractor to come back with equipment eight or nine times, Cordes estimated.
It appeared the council favored saving that money, instead suggesting that Davison talk to residents about the situation and the money involved.
There will be some inconveniences to residents along the three streets, Cordes said, which may require using alleys when possible for access to homes and businesses. In some sections on East 12th, it’s possible the contractor will  work only on one of the two lanes at one time.
There were also questions about access to the pool during the work, since the main bordering street, East 9th, is among the three in the project. Davison will visit with school administration about the possiblity of access from East 5th, across school property to the pool.
Once the bids are opened Jan. 21, 2010, the council will likely act on selecting a contractor at the Jan. 25, 2010, meeting.


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