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Pom Poms get renewed contract for concession stand operation PDF Print E-mail

■ Football lights get final approval; installation may start next week. PAGE 1.

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republic
In addition to several hirings and an update on the football field lights, the Chase County Schools board of education handled a number of other items and discussed issues at their Aug. 11 meeting.
The Pom Poms organization will operate the concession stand for school events again this year at a fee of $750 for 2009-10. That is the same amount they were charged in the past school year’s contract.
Supt. Matt Fisher reported on the teaching staff’s three-day training on the new Mac laptops earlier in August. Only one Mac trainer was here, but the school’s contract was to include two trainers for three days, so the school will be utilizing those three additional training days later on, Fisher said.
A total of $1,000 will be transferred from the school’s General Fund to the Depreciation Fund, based on the board’s vote last week. That money had been budgeted for a bus, Supt. Fisher said, but the school was able to use stimulus money to buy a bus with a wheelchair lift. By moving the unused dollars to the Depreciation Fund, it can be banked for later use, Fisher said.
In July, the board spent considerable time discussing establishment of a job description for CCS teachers, but action was tabled. The board discussed it again at the Aug. 11 meeting, but decided to table it once more until September’s meeting, wanting something more simplified.
Action on changing the lights in the school to a more efficient system was tabled, with a direction to Supt. Fisher to seek possible grant funds to assist with the cost.
Changing the T-12 light bulbs to T-8’s plus new ballasts was estimated at $85,000 to $90,000. By adding all new fixtures, as well, the estimates grew to $160,000. The board did okay a lighting change in the bus barn at a cost of $4,500.
The board opted not to pursue trading in one of the school’s older vans for a smaller vehicle in the federal government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program. The school will continue to look for used vehicles with low mileage when needed. The “Cash for Clunkers” program requires purchase of a new vehicle.
The annual required public hearings on student fees and parental involvement in school were held. Only some date modifications were changed from last year’s policies.