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Students in grades 4-8 honored for academics, improvement PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    In separate awards programs May 4, students in grades 4-8 at Chase County Schools were honored for their work the past year in the classroom and extracurriculars.
    A program earlier in the afternoon was set aside for the grade 4-6 awards. Students in grades 7-8 were honored prior to the high school program that night.
    Awards for music, art, math, spelling, writing, physical fitness, as well as special awards for scholarship, citizenship and achievement were handed out by teachers and principals.
    Scholarship awards are given for academic excellence. Citizenship awards are presented to those students who get along with their peers and are among the class leaders. Those receiving the achievement award were recognized for their academic improvement in the classroom and hard work.
    Here is a list of the award winners at last week’s program.
Grade 4-6 awards
Certificates Fifth Grade Band—Shelby Bigham, Tiffany Castle, Carlos Chavez, Eric Chavira, Makayla DaMoude, Hunter Dillan, Shaylee Dorn, Mason Meeske, Kristina Plum, Chase Reasoner, Kymberli Rowley and Taylor Wilson.
Blue Ribbons from the Ogallala Music Contest and Certificates—Eli Engbrecht, Caleb Bubak, Jasmine Laird, Regan Gittlein, Larayna Lovejoy, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Cody Mackenzie, Joseph Tomky, Charlie Carter, Jesse McMillin and Indy Smith, Kimberly Benitez and Michael Musgrove.
Certificates 6th Grade Band—Sergio Almanza, Kevin Chavira, Jacob Christensen, Holden Dreiling, Johnathan Fegley, Aubrey Fisher, Kelton Fisher, Jaeger Harrison, Claire Kuenne, Jacob Lueth, Travis Luhrs, Cody McDaniel, Emma Mollendor, Allen Smith, Michael Sorensen and Ty Spickelmier.
Blue Ribbons from Ogallala Music Contest and Certificate—Sheldon Bartholomew, Emma Bauerle, Mitsy Cardoso, Mindy Castle, Jeffrey Dickey, Jaqueline Frias, Janessa Haarberg, Jessica Hartman, Alexandria Howard, MaKenna Ketter, Darin Knobbe, William Lewis, Adreina Marquez, Faith Reinke, Page Spady and Makenna Wallin.
Fourth Grade—Abigail Almanza, Bryson Fisher, Dakota Wallin, Colton Burpo, Taylin McNair, Bridgette Odens, Josie Peterson, Annie Polly, Jadin Bussell.
Fifth Grade—Charlie Ann Carter, Shaylee Dorn, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Jasmine Laird.
Sixth Grade—Sergito Almanza, Darin Knobbe, Isaac Sorensen, Kelton Fisher, Makenna Wallin, Lexi Howard, Claire Kuenne, Emma Bauerle, Mitsy Cardosa.
Vocal music
Fifth Grade—Michael Musgrove, Lorayna Lovejoy.
Sixth Grade—Mindy Castle, Jessica Hartman, Ryan Moline, Emma Mollendor, Isaac Sorensen, Paige Spady, Ty Spickelmier, MaKenna Ketter, Emma Bauerle, Kelton Fisher, Travis Luhrs, Makenna Wallin, William Lewis.
Fourth Grade—Trey Bahler, Colton Burpo, Jadin Bussell, Dawn Castle, Kelly Christensen, Sarah Davis/Allen, Megan Engbrecht, Bryson Fisher, Shaylee Heathers, Molly Luhrs,  Taylin McNair, Kaylee Meeske, Mikaela, O’Brien,  Bridgette Odens, Josie Peterson, Annie Polly, Destiny Reinke, Nolan Spady, Rose Sullivan, Dakota Wallin, Katelyn Wheeler.
Fifth grade super spellers (all A on tests)—Michael Musgrove, Taylor Wilson.
Fourth Grade—Colton Burpo, Jadin Bussell, Bryson Fisher, Shaylee Heathers, Bridgette Odens, Josie Peterson, Annie Polly, Nolan Spady, Rose Sullivan, Dakota Wallin.
Fifth Grade top ten keyboarding awards—1. Indy Smith 54 wpm; 2. Michael Musgrove 53 wpm; 3. Kymberli Rowley 42 wpm; 4. Chase Reasoner 41 wpm; 5. Charlie Carter 40 wpm; 6. Joseph Tomky 39 wpm; 7. Mason Meeske 35 wpm; 8. Jasmine Laird 34 wpm; 9. Shelby Bigham 32 wpm; 10. Eli Engbrecht 30 wpm.
Sixth Grade—Emma Bauerle 77wpm; Janessa Haarberg 72wpm; Aubrey Fisher 70wpm; Paige Spady 65wpm; Makenna Wallin 61wpm; Lexi Howard 54wpm; Travis Luhrs 53wpm; Sheldon Bartholomew 51wpm; Emma Mollendor 51wpm.
Book It
Fourth Grade—Jadin Bussell, Kelly Christensen, Shaylee Heathers, Bryson Fisher, Taylin McNair, Molly Luhrs, Bridgette Odens, Kadyn Milner, Annie Polly, Mikaela O’Brien, Rogelio Vargas, Destiny Reinke, Zachary Space, Rose Sullivan, Dakota Wallin.
Fifth Grade (reaching goals all six months)—Caleb Bubak, Eric Chavira, Hunter Dillan, Indy Smith.
Sixth Grade—Mindy Castle 456 points; Jessica Hartman 183 points; Mitsy Cardosa 179 points; Valeria Cervantes 168 points; Paige Spady 154 points; William Lewis 131 points; Jacob Christensen 70 points; Isaac Sorensen 59 points.
Sixth Grade—Emma Bauerle, Aubrey Fisher, Janessa Haarberg, Lexi Howard, Claire Kuenne, Travis Luhrs, Rebecca Rodriguez, Mitsy Cardoso, Mindy Castle, Valeria Cervantes, Jacob Christensen, Jessica Hartman, William Lewis, Isaac Sorensen, Paige Spady.
Fifth Grade—Annika Swanson, Luis Frias, Cody Mackenzie, Kristina Pflum, Taylor Wilson.
Sixth Grade—Holden Dreiling, Faith Reinke, Rebecca Rodriguez, Darin Knobbe.
Fifth Grade—Kimberly Benitz, Carlos Chavez, Shaylee Dorn, Eric Chavira, Makayla DaMoude, Jasmine Laird.
Sixth Grade—Sergio Almanza, Kevin Chavira, Jeffrey Dickey, Holden Dreiling, Faith Reinke, Makenna Wallin, Mitsy Cardosa, Jessica Hartman, Isaac Sorensen.
Fifth Grade—Indy Smith, Michael Musgrove.
Fifth Grade Honorable Mention—Makayla DaMoude, Eric Chavira, Jared Sharp.
Sixth Grade—Mitsy Cardosa, Jessica Hartman, Paige Spady, Emma Bauerle, Makenna Wallin.
Sixth Grade Honorable Mention—Mindy Castle, Ryan Moline, Emma Mollendor, Isaac Sorensen.
Arbor Day Tree Essay Award
Fourth Grade—Sarah Davis, Bridgette Odens, Kadyn Milner, Shaylee Heathers.
Fourth Grade School Principal’s Writing Essay—Destiny Reinke, Jadin Bussell, Taylin McNair.
Fourth Grade H.A.L. Scriptwriters for the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA)—Rose Sullivan, Bridgette Odens, Colton Burpo, Sarah Davis, Shaylee Heathers, Trey Bahler, Kelly Christensen, Jadin Bussell, Josie Peterson, Molly Luhrs.
E.S.U. 15 Quiz Bowl
Fifth Grade—Carlos Chavez, Michael Musgrove, Indy Smith.
Sixth Grade—Makenna Wallin, Travis Luhrs, Mitsy Cardoso, Jessica Hartman.
Presidential And National
Fitness Award Winners
Fifth Grade Presidential—Caleb Bubak, Charlie Carter, Carlos Chavez, Eric Chavira, Eli Engbrecht, Cody Mackenzie, Indy Smith.
Fifth Grade National—Kimberly Benitez, Shelby Bigham, Tiffany Castle, Hunter Dillan, Shaylee Dorn, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Jasmine Laird, Lorayna Lovejoy, Mason Meeske, Destyn Milner, Michael Musgrove, Chase Reasoner, Kymberli Rowley, Annika Swanson.
Sixth Grade Presidential—Emma Bauerle 2, Mindy Castle 2, Jacob Christensen 1, Jeffrey Dickey 2, Morgan Dinnel 1, Holden Dreiling 2, Aubrey Fisher 2, Kelton Fisher 2, Jacky Frias 1, Janessa Haarberg 1, Jake Lueth 2, Travis Luhrs 2, Isaac Sorensen 2, Paige Spady 2, Makenna Wallin 2.
Sixth Grade National—Sergio Almanza, Sheldon Bartholomew, Mitsy Cardosa, Valeria Cervantes, Kevin Chavira, Ryan Moline, Emma Mollendor, Rebecca Rodriguez, Ty Spickelmier.
Sixth Grade President’s
Award 2009
Silver—Emma Bauerle, Math; Aubrey Fisher, Reading; Jessica Hartman, Math; Travis Luhrs, Math.
Gold—Emma Bauerle, Reading; Mitsy Cardoso, Math and Reading; Mindy Castle, Math and Reading; Jessica Hartman, Reading; Darin Knobbe, Math; Ryan Moline, Math and Reading; Emma Mollendor, Math and Reading; Paige Spady, Math and Reading; Makenna Wallin, Math and Reading.
Grade 7-8 awards
Medals and band certificates—Given to all concert band and jazz band students.
Drum majors—Kayla Brown and Mason Holmes.
Medals for soloists—Anna Bauerle, Kayla Brown, Andrea Hogsett, Daniel Sullivan, Bethany Sorensen, Jenna Luhrs, Trei Frier, Ethan Haarberg and Sam Haarberg.
Ensembles—Sax quartet—Spencer Hartman, Tapainga Kahle, Elizabeth Tomky and Mason Holmes. Trumpet trio—Anna Bauerle, Kaycee Bubak and Andrea Hogsett.
Girls “I” Awards
Volleyball—Lydia Garcia, Shandra Johnson, Charlene MacKenzie, Shanissa McBride, Vanessa Perez, Kayla Reed, Ariel Rowley, Ariel Simkins, Bailey Springer, Hannah Stott.
Track—Kristen Jussell, Tapainga Kahle, Gabriela Murillo.
Volleyball, track—Cassie Burpo, Ashlin Bussell, Sabrina Hayes, Andrea Hogsett, Sandra Jones, Meagan Kilpatrick, Jenna Luhrs, Aleida Marquez, Berenice Marquez, Krista Murillo, Emily Owens, Abby Polly, Abby Sorensen, Maddison Vaverek, Allyson Vrbas, Johna Westfahl.
Volleyball, basketball—Kayla Brown, Jordan Gibb, Jaclyn Morales, MacKinzie Ostendorf.
Volleyball, basketball, track—Leslie Acosta, Makala Bartels, Anna Bauerle, Kaycee Bubak, Mallory Coleman, Cleo Dinnel, Emma Engbrecht, Alyssa Fisher, Morgan Fisher, Blair Hartman, Courtney Kunnemann, Bridget Langin, Abby Lopez, Bethany Sorensen, Michaela Space, Abbi Vetter, Kelsey Wood.
Volleyball, wrestling—Makayla Bell.
Volleyball manager, basketball manager—Emily Johnston.
Boys “I” Awards
Basketball—Jose Arvizo, Dillan Davis, Josue Guillen.
Football—Luis Rodriquez.
Track—Calen Griffin, Andrew Vaverek.
Basketball, track—Trei Frier.
Football, track—Sam Cahow, Cody Cochran, Adam Crapson, Shay Eidson, Derek Schilke.
Football, wrestling, track—Collin Courter, Carson Fanning.
Football, basketball, track—Ethan Haarberg, Sam Haarberg, Spencer Hartman, Curtis Laird, Callin Ledall, Tyler Oxford, Hunter Spady, Dan Sullivan, Brett Tropf, Justus Wallin, Kristopher Westfahl.
Football, basketball, wrestling, track—David Almanza, Brian Bell, Steven Brown-Cravey, Justin German, Kale Gockley, Tanner Allen, Michael May, Trey Milner.
Football manager, basketball manager, track—Mason Holmes.
Football, basketball manager, wrestling, track—Khristofer Kuhlmann, Garret Thompson.
Attainment awards
Seventh Grade—Anna Bauerle, Derek Schilke, Calen Griffin, Justus Wallin.
Eighth Grade—Justin German.
National Physical Fitness Award
Seventh Grade—Leslie Acosta, Cassie Burpo, Ashlin Bussell, Mallory Coleman, Collin Courter, Shay Eidson, Kristen Jussell, Khristofer Kuhlmann, Abby Lopez, Aleida Marquez, Berenice Marquez, Trey Milner, Kikki Murillo, Tyler Oxford, Garret Thompson, Elizabeth Tomky, Abby Vetter, Kelsey Wood.
Eighth Grade—Jose Arviso, Cleo Dinnel, Justin German, Spencer Hartman, Shandra Johnson, Courtney Kunnemann, Charlene Mackenzie, Mackenzie Ostendorf, Abby Polly, Vanessa Perez, Ariel Simkins, Hunter Spady, Maddison Vaverek.
Presidential Physical
Fitness Award
Seventh Grade—David Almanza 2, Kaycee Bubak 3, Emma Engbrecht 3, Alyssa Fisher 3, Andrea Hogsett 3, Bridget Langin 3, Jenna Luhrs 1, Bailey Springer 2, Dan Sullivan 3, Alli Vrbas 3, Justus Wallin 3.
Eighth Grade—Brian Bell 1, Kayla Brown 1, Morgan Fisher 3, Kale Gockley 4, Josue Guillen 1, Sandra Jones 4, Michael May 4, Emily Owens 1, Bethany Sorensen 3, Michaela Space, Johna Westfahl 1.
Eighth Grade President’s
Education Award
Silver—Kayla Brown, Math; Cleo Dinnel, Math; Ethan Haarberg, Math; Sabrina Hayes, Math and Reading; Shandra Johnson, Math; Callin Ledall, Math; Abby Polly, Math; Hunter Spady, Reading; Maddison Vaverek, Math.
Gold—Trei Frier, Reading; Justin German, Math and Reading; Spencer Hartman, Math and Reading; Mason Holmes, Math and Reading; Sandra Jones, Reading; Courtney Kunnemann, Reading; Callin Ledall, Reading; Abby Polly, Reading; Maddison Vaverek, Reading; Johna Westfahl, Reading.
Seventh Grade—Khristofer Kuhlmann, Bridget Langin, Andrea Hogsett, David Almanza, Garret Thompson, Kayla Reed.
Eighth Grade—Abby Polly, Bethany Sorensen, Shandra Johnson, Maddison Vaverek, Cleo Dinnel, Courtney Kunnemann, Morgan Fisher, Charlene Mackenzie.
Seventh and Eighth Grade gold medal—Anna Bauerle, Cassie Burpo, Alyssa Fisher, Calen Griffin, Bridget Langin, Spencer Hartman, Abby Polly, Bethany Sorensen, Maddison Vaverek.
Seventh and Eighth Grade Honorable Mention—David Almanza, Kaycee Bubak, Emma Engbrecht, Blair Hartman, Andrea Hogsett, Tapainga Kahle, Khristofer Kuhlmann, Aleida Marquez, Berenice Marquez, Brittany Peters, Derek Schilke, Bailey Springer, Daniel Sullivan, Elizabeth Tomky, Justus Wallin, Kayla Brown, Morgan Fisher, Justin German, Sabrina Hayes, Mason Holmes, Shandra Johnson, Courtney Kunnemann, Callin Ledall.
Eighth Grade—Spencer Hartman, Bethany Sorensen.
Seventh Grade—Leslie Acosta, Cassie Burpo, Blair Hartman, Andrea Hogsett, Tapainga Kahle, Abbi Vetter, Ashlin Bussell, Emma Engbrecht, Kris Kuhlmann, Abby Lopez, Berenice Marquez, Abby Sorensen, Bailey Springer, Makala Bartels, Trey Milner.
Eighth Grade—Brian Bell, Johna Westfahl, Kayla Brown, Kale Gockley, Spencer Hartman, Mason Holmes, Callin Ledall, Abby Polly, Hunter Spady, Maddison Vaverek, Shandra Johnson, Emily Johnston, Courtney Kunnemann, Emily Owens, Bethany Sorensen.

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