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Boys take sixth at competitive Ogallala Invite PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

A sixth place finish for the Longhorn boys’ track team represented the toughness of Saturday’s Ogallala Invitational.
Chase County placed in 10 events, with the highest finishes of the day, a pair of seconds, turned in by Shay Eidson in the long jump and Justus Wallin in the discus.
Coach Carl Zuege said he was happy with the performances, noting they were missing some key athletes who were at other school events last weekend.
He said they competed minus six to seven athletes.
But, despite that, his team had a good day, Zuege said, many of them collecting personal bests in a near perfect day of weather.
Travis Luhrs had another good day in the high jump, with a third place and a personal best of 6’0”. That was two inches better than his jump at Cambridge the week before.
One nice surprise, Zuege said, was from freshman Cody Williams, who placed fourth in the triple jump with a jump of 39’4.5”.
“That’s an awfully good jump for a freshman,” Zuege said. He’s anxious to see how Williams develops in that event.
Another third was turned in by the Longhorn 1600 meter relay team. The team of Dan Sullivan, David Almanza, Shay Eidson and Trey Milner shaved 5.5 seconds off the time of that relay the week before.
The team’s other relays also medaled, as the 3200 meter team finished fourth and the 400 meter team was fifth.
Also placing individually were Milner, fifth, in the 300 meter hurdles; Holden Dreiling, fifth in the 1600; and Wallin, sixth, in the shot.
Team scoring in the boys’ division at Ogallala was Sidney 103.5, Mitchell 82, Cozad 79.5, Ogallala 69, Gothenburg 65, Chase County 43, Ainsworth 39, Chadron 22, Perkins County 20 and Valentine 4.
Below are the six medalists in all events at Saturday’s meet.
100 Meters—1st, Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 10.70; 2nd, Adam Crandall, Ogallala, 11.00; 3rd, Logan Lewis, Sidney, 11.00; 4th, Wes Orr, Ogallala, 11.20; 5th, Derek Sis, Perkins County, 11.30; 6th, Jackson Dickerson, Chadron Public Schools, 11.30.
200 Meter—1st, Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 22.00; 2nd, Logan Lewis, Sidney, 22.80; 3rd, Jackson Dickerson, Chadron Public Schools, 23.30; 4th, Christian Perez, Mitchell, 23.40; 5th, Derek Sis, Perkins County, 23.40; 6th, Michael Banaszak, Sidney, 23.80.
400 Meters—1st, Christian Perez, Mitchell, 51.90; 2nd, Nate Bubak, Cozad, 52.70; 3rd, Lucas Rosenbaum, Sidney, 53.10; 4th (tie), Jon Hood, Ogallala, 54.10; 4th (tie), Dylan Foichert, Ogallala, 54.10; 6th, Alex Ewert, Ogallala, 54.50.
800 Meters—1st, Levi Avila, Mitchell, 2:02.70, 2nd, Hayden Lienemann, Sidney, 2:04.00, 3rd, Skyler Smith, Ogallala, 2:04.20; 4th, Andres Pelayo, Cozad, 2:05.20; 5th, Chase Watson, Mitchell, 2:11.80; 6th, Tate Harvey, Mitchell, 2:13.50.
1600 meters—1st, Levi Availa, Mitchell, 4:43.60; 2nd, Brady Delimont, Ainsworth, 4:45.00; 3rd, Phillip Dunncan, Chadron Public Schools, 5:01.00; 4th, Garrit Geiger, Cozad, 5:01.20; 5th, Holden Dreiling, CCS, 5:02.70; 6th, Chase Watson, Mitchell, 5:09.50.
3200 Meters—1st, Garrit Geiger, Cozad, 10:48.70; 2nd, Jachob Wiedeburg, Sidney, 10:50.70; 3rd, Edward Grentz, Mitchell, 10:51.60; 4th, Phillip Duncan, Chadron Public Schools, 10:54.80; 5th, Tate Harvey, Mitchell, 11:02.40; 6th, Hunter Martin, Ainsworth, 11:24.50.
110 Meter Hurdles-39”—1st, Blake Ristine, Gothenburg, 15.00; 2nd, Drew Gilliland, Mitchell, 15.50; 3rd, Trent Zink, Ogallala, 15.90; 4th, Nic Conger, Sidney, 15.90; 5th, Logan Hammond, Ogallala, 16.70; 6th, Marcus Fernandez, Chadron Public Schools, 16.70.
300 Meter Hurdles-36”—1st, Trent Zink, Ogallala, 41.80; 2nd, Jake VanLaningham, Ogallala, 43.90; 3rd, Seth Eggleston, Gothenburg, 44.00; 4th, Drew Gilliland, Mitchell, 44.30; 5th, Trey Milner, CCS, 44.60; 6th, Hunter Coats, Perkins County, 44.60.
4x100 Relay—1st, Sidney (Logan Lewis, Chance Anglin, Michael Muggli, Lucas Rosenbaum), 44.90; 2nd, Ainsworth, 45.80; 3rd, Gothenburg, 46.20; 4th, Perkins County, 47.00; 5th, CCS (Khris Kuhlmann, David Almanza, Shay Eidson, Trey Milner), 47.00; 6th, Ogallala, 49.10.
4x400 Relay—1st, Sidney (Hunter Secrest, Lucas Rosenbaum, Hayden Lienemann, Michael Muggli), 3:34.10; 2nd, Cozad, 3:37.50; 3rd, CCS (Daniel Sullivan, David Almanza, Shay Eidson, Trey Milner), 3:39.00; 4th, Mitchell, 3:40.90; 5th, Ogallala, 3:43.30; 6th, Ainsworth, 3:51.00.
4x800 Relay—1st, Mitchell (Levi Avila, Edward Grentz, Chase Watson, Tate Harvey), 8:32.80; 2nd, Sidney, 8:41.80; 3rd, Ogallala, 8:43.40; 4th, CCS (Indy Smith, Travis Luhrs, Ike Maxwell, Daniel Sullivan), 8:49.90; 5th, Ainsworth, 9:08.10; 6th, Cozad, 9:39.50.
Shot Put-12lb—1st, Logan Lewis, Sidney, 54-03.00; 2nd, Tanner Borchardt, Gothenburg, 53-06.00; 3rd, Simon Rangel, Cozad,52-01.00; 4th, Jake Heeren, Sidney, 50-08.00; 5th, Benjamin Allen, Ainsworth, 50-03.00; 6th, Justus Wallin, CCS, 47-04.00.
Discus-1.6kg—1st, Tanner Borchardt, Gothenburg, 150-01; 2nd, Justus Wallin, CCS, 149-05; 3rd, Cole Beckius, Ogallala, 144-03; 4th, Tucker Wintholtz, Sidney, 142-03; 5th, Ben Ewert, Ogallala, 132-00; 6th, Dylan Folkers, Gothenburg, 130-03.
High Jump—1st, Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 6-05.00; 2nd, Nick Conger, Sidney, 6-02.00; 3rd, Travis Luhrs, CCS, 6-00.00; 4th, Quin Conner, Valentine, 5-10.00; 5th, Seth Eggleston, Gothenburg, 5-10.00; 6th, Timothy Johnson, Perkins County, 5-08.00.
Pole Vault—Landon Welke, Ainsworth, 14-00.00; 2nd, Lucas Rosenbaum, Sidney, 13-06.00; 3rd, Skyler Kottwitz, Gothenburg, 13-00.00; 4th, Blake Ristine, Gothenburg, 13-00.00; 5th,Hugo Escamilla, Cozad, 12-00.00; 6th, Brendan Molden, Cozad, 10-06.00.
Long Jump—1st, Dawson Graham, Gothenburg, 20-06.00; 2nd, Shay Eidson, CCS, 20-01.00; 3rd, Andres Pelayo, COzad, 20-00.50; 4th, Jackson Dickerson, Chadron Public Schools, 19-09.00; 5th, Adam Crandall, Ogallala, 19-05.00; 6th, Ross Ostendorf, Gothenburg, 19-05.00.
Triple Jump—1st, Adam Schlotthauer, Mitchell, 41-04.50; 2nd, Derek Sis, Perkins County, 41-03.50; 3rd, Landon Welke, Ainsworth, 40-03.00; 4th, Cody Williams, CCS, 39-04.50; 5th, Zak Kurkowski, Perkins County, 38-01.00; 6th, Marcus Fritton, Gothenburg, 37-09.50.
Perkins County hosts
Saturday track meet

The Longhorns won’t have to travel far to this week’s meet as it’s hosted by Perkins County in Grant on Saturday.
The E. Lee Todd Memorial meet starts at 9 a.m. with field events, continuing at 10:30 a.m. with the running events.
All but two of the conference schools will be in Grant Saturday, providing the Longhorns their first good look at a majority of those teams.
Coach Zuege said they will again be missing some athletes due to the ACT and other school events.


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