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Depth comes through as Longhorns take Cambridge track championship PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Numbers out for the Longhorn boys’ track team this season are the highest in many years, which helped win the championship for Chase County in their season opener.
It was a slim victory margin, 11.5 points, but Coach Carl Zuege credited the fourths, fifths and sixths, along with the five individual firsts, that won the Cambridge Invitational championship Saturday.
When Chase County runners took first, third and fourth in the 3200 meter run near the end of the meet, that clinched it, Zuege said.    
“We’ve been talking about our numbers; our depth really showed here,” Zuege said.
“Overall, it was a nice start to the season.”
Cambridge, which finished second behind Chase County, had strong performances in the sprints and jumps, Zuege noted, challenging for the team championship all day.
Chase County secured more points in the distance events and the throws and “spread out our points more” to secure the win, he said.
While none of the relays brought home gold, all three placed. The 400 and 1600 meter relays both claimed seconds, while the 3200 meter relay finished fourth.
Individually, firsts were turned in by Travis Luhrs, high jump; Justus Wallin, shot put; Holden Dreiling, 1600 and 3200; and Kevin German, 110 meter high hurdles.
The Longhorns scored in every event but the pole vault.
Coach Zuege said there were some nice surprises Saturday, and the performance of some of the team’s young throwers and jumpers show strong promise.
The weather cooperated for much of the day, with a cool morning that warmed up later. However, wind in the afternoon became a factor, stiff enough to affect some of the sprinters and hurdlers, Zuege noted.
Kevin German, who was the team’s leading scorer last season, had to be pulled from the 1600 meter relay, the meet’s last event, due to a muscle problem in his leg. After he won the high hurdles early in the day, it gave out in the 400 and he had trouble finishing the 300 meter hurdles, Zuege said.
The coach wasn’t certain early this week how serious the injury is, or his prognosis.
Team scoring in the boys’ division at Cambridge was Chase County 150, Cambridge 138.5, Alma 92, Elm Creek 69, Southwest 38.5, Wauneta/Palisade 23, Cambridge JV 5, Elm Creek JV 5 and Chase County JV 5.
Here are the six medalists in each event at Cambridge.
100 Meter Dash—1st, Brady Stuhmer, Alma, 11.97; 2nd, TJ Gregory, Cambridge, 12.08; 3rd, Hayden Geis, Elm Creek, 12.31; 4th, Trey Milner, CCS,  12.43; 5th, Alex Burke, Cambridge, 12.55; 6th, Brenton Ellis, SW, 12.72.
200 Meter Dash—1st, Brady Stuhmer, Alma, 23.96; 2nd, TJ Gregory, Cambridge, 24.44; 3rd, Jeff Dickey, CCS, 25.76; 4th, Ryan Rice, Cambridge, 25.81; 5th, Dusty Runner, Cambridge JV, 25.90; 6th, Trevor Fritz, Cambridge JV, 25.95.
400 Meter Dash—1st, Brady Stuhmer, Alma, 52.51; 2nd, Jake Witte, Cambridge, 53.28’ 3rd, Brandon Andrews, Cambridge, 54.97; 4th, Wes Anderjaska, Wa/Pa, 55.61; 5th, Alec May, SW, 56.19; 6th, Dan Sullivan, CCS, 56.20.
800 Meter Dash—1st, Ryan Soderholm, Alma, 2:15.69; 2nd, Indy Smith, CCS, 2:17.32; 3rd, Wes Anderjaska, Wa/Pa, 2:19.17; 4th, Jake Witte, Cambridge, 2:20.72; 5th, Travis Luhrs, CCS, 2:20.88; 6th, Vance Johnson, Cambridge, 2:28.97.
1600 Meter Run—1st, Holden Dreiling, CCS, 4:59.87; 2nd, Indy Smith, CCS, 5:17.51; 3rd, Riley Nichols, Elm Creek, 5:27.15; 4th, Garet Thompson, CCS, 5:34.58; 5th, Chris Smith, SW, 5:40.02; 6th, Austin Fraser, Elm Creek, 5:41.89.
3200 Meter Run—1st, Holden Dreiling, CCS, 11:31.91; 2nd, Joe Taylor, Cambridge, 11:44.91; 3rd, Ike Maxwell, CCS, 12:00.44; 4th, Garet Thompson, CCS, 12:21.47; 5th, Caleb tenBensel, Cambridge, 12:50.70; 6th, Stephen Welsh, CCS JV, 12:55.92.
110 Meter Hurdles—1st, Kevin German, CCS, 16.12; 2nd, Zack Moore, Cambridge, 17.38; 3rd, Jarrod Bantam, Alma, 17.78; 4th, Kelton Fisher, CCS, 18.89; 5th, Jackson Ebbers, Cambridge, 19.33; 6th, Hunter Mowry, Cambridge JV, 22.09.
300 Meter Hurdles—1st, Zack Moore, Cambridge, 43.77; 2nd, Jarrod Bantam, Alma, 44.73; 3rd, Trey Milner, CCS, 45.71; 4th, Kelton Fisher, CCS, 46.78; 5th, Cody Williams, CCS JV, 47.04; 6th, Parker Janicek, Alma, 49.59.
4x100 Meter Relay—1st, Cambridge, 45.67; 2nd, CCS (Kelton Fisher, Jeff Dickey, Trey Milner, David Almanza), 47.24; 3rd, SW, 48.17; 4th, Elm Creek, 48.65; 5th, Alma, 49.35; 6th, Cambridge JV, 50.08.
4x400 Meter Relay—1st, Cambridge, 3:39.91; 2nd, CCS (Dan Sullivan, Shay Eidson, David Almanza, Trey Milner), 3:44.53; 3rd, Alma, 4:04.61; 4th, SW, 4:11.94; 5th, Wa/Pa, 4:17.79; 6th, CCS JV, 4:30.91.
4x800 Meter Relay—1st, Elm Creek, 9:29.09; 2nd, Alma, 9:45.78; 3rd, Cambridge, 9:54.93; 4th, CCS (Ike Maxwell, Stephen Welsh, Caleb Bubak, Mason Meeske), 10:18.83; 5th, SW, 11:08.06.
High Jump—1st, Travis Luhrs, CCS, 5-10.00; 2nd, Jarrod Bantam, Alma, 5-04.00; 3rd, Landon Jutten, Wa/Pa, 5-02.00; 4th, Tyler Davis, Wa/Pa, 5-02.00; 5th, (tie) Jackson Ebbers, Cambridge, 4-10.00; 5th, (tie) Junior Morquecho, SW, 4-10.00.
Pole Vault—1st, Hayden Geis, Elm Creek, 12-00.00; 2nd, James Sughroue, SW, 11-06.00; 3rd, (tie) Austin Minard, SW, 11-00.00; 3rd, (tie) Brenton Ellis, SW, 11-00.00; 5th, Sam Pearson, Cambridge, 10-06.00; 6th, Terek Molzahn, Alma, 10-00.00.
Long Jump—1st, Brady Stuhmer, Alma, 20-08.00; 2nd, TJ Gregory, Cambridge, 19-09.75; 3rd, Shay Eidson, CCS, 19-06.75; 4th, Brandon Andrews, Cambridge, 19-06.00; 5th, Ryan Rice, Cambridge, 19-04.50; 6th, David Almanza, CCS, 18-05.50.
Triple Jump—1st, Zack Moore, Cambridge, 44-06.75; 2nd, Nic Crowley, Elm Creek, 38-10.75; 3rd, Shay Eidson, CCS, 38-03.00; 4th, Ryan Rice, Cambridge, 37-10.00; 5th, Jarrod Bantam, Alma, 37-06.75; 6th, Cody Williams, CCS JV, 36-04.25.
Shot Put—1st, Justus Wallin, CCS, 49-10.00; 2nd, Jake Bartling, Elm Creek, 48-05.50; 3rd, Alex Burke, Cambridge, 42-02.00; 4th, Weston Rich, Cambridge, 41-10.00; 5th, Jackson Porter, SW, 39-05.00; 6th, Gage Crowell, Wa/Pa, 38-07.00.
Discus Throw—1st, Jake Bartling, Elm Creek, 154-01; 2nd, Justus Wallin, CCS, 149-10; 3rd, Nick Mostek, Elm Creek, 122-00; 4th, Ace Bloom, Elm Creek JV, 115-08; 5th, Isaac Sorensen, CCS, 112-00; 6th, Tyrone Hubbard, Elm Creek JV, 110-04.
Ogallala Saturday
Saturday will be a big meet for the Longhorns when the team travels to the Ogallala Invitational.
The first group of field events starts at 10 a.m. The 3200 meter relay will kick off the running events at 11:30 a.m.
Coach Zuege said they look for some of the area’s top competition to show up Saturday with several Class B schools in attendance.
In addition to Chase County and the hosts, other teams expected include Ainsworth, Chadron, Cozad, Gothenburg, Mitchell, Perkins County, Sidney, Valentine and Sterling, Colo.