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Wasteful government spending finds spotlight again PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

For those of us who operate a business day-to-day and need to watch the spending and cash flow, reports on our federal government spending and oversights continue to amaze.
Sometimes, I guess, it takes legislation to correct some of this wasteful spending that really should be a no-brainer.
This week, Nebraska U.S. senator, Deb Fischer, said she plans to co-sponsor legislation that would close thousands, yes I said thousands, of expired grant accounts. Her GONE (Grants Oversight and New Efficiency) Act would require agencies to close out their expired accounts that are costing U.S. taxpayers an estimated $173,000 per month.
Here are some figures from the federal government’s own Government Accountability Office (GAO) relating to this issue:
1) Those agencies using the government’s Payment Management System for grants were charged about $173,000 per month to maintain more than 28,000 expired grant accounts that had a zero balance.
2) There were roughly 9,770, or 34 percent, of expired grant accounts still open three or more years past the grant expiration date. Eligible applicants could no longer apply.
In a release from Sen. Fischer’s office, she says to spend money on nothing is at a new height for government waste. I couldn’t agree more.
The legislation co-sponsored with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia would require agencies to close out these expired, empty grant accounts and identify why they were never closed. Reports to congress and updates are also included in the proposal.
It’s really too bad legislation is needed at all.
Where are the agency heads? Is this not something on which they should follow through? It’s hard to imagine a business operating in the private sector with this lack of follow-through, or really, concern about cash flow.
Kind of makes one understand why our federal government is in such debt, doesn’t it?
Hats off to Sen. Fischer for her planned legislation, but it’s really too bad her time and the congress’ time is wasted on the process for such measures. There are surely more important issues at hand.


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