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Whodunit has surprise ending PDF Print E-mail

Who would have guessed that the murderer in “The Mousetrap,” presented by Chase County Schools last weekend, was a policeman? Wait! He wasn’t a policeman, just posing as one. Taking place in Monkswell Manor, an English guest house, Agatha Christie’s play pits the owners of the guest house against their guests, as one person is murdered and more are likely.


Here, retired officer Major Metcalf (Josh Richmond), left, houseguest Christopher Wren (Mark Gaschler) and Detective Sergeant Trotter (Jacob Boggs) discuss how the murderer must have entered the guest house.






At left, Stuffy Mrs. Boyle (Elizabeth Morse) doesn’t approve of mysterious stranger Mr. Paravicini (Bryan Bischoff).












Newlyweds Giles Ralston (Chevy Smith) and Mollie Ralston (Bonnie Cochran), own Monkswell Manor. (Courtesy photos)