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Imperial native completes third Boston Marathon PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Running the Boston Marathon is an accomplishment many athletes like to list on their resumes.
    Lyndsy Schultz, 27, a native of Imperial, can list Boston’s 26.2 mile event once again after running Monday’s marathon there a third time.
    Finishing the marathon was especially gratifying this time to Schultz, a 1999 Chase County High School graduate, after coming off some stress fractures the past two years that, for months, had sidelined her from running.
    She finished Monday’s marathon with a time of 3:38.21, which is a pace time of 8:20.
    Of the 25,000 expected for the marathon, Schultz’s finish placed her 9,710th overall (men and women), 2,257th among all women and 1,716th in her division (women age 18-34).
    Her first effort at Boston was in 2005 when she finished at 4:16.39. In 2007, she ran her best Boston Marathon, with a time of 3:11.03.
    This year, the wind was in the faces of the runners the entire time. Temperatures were in the mid-40s at the start, but it got colder as she neared the finish.
    There was some possibility of rain, but it stayed away this year.
    She’s not disappointed with her time, because she felt she was in good shape physically. But the fewer miles she was able to run in training, leading up to Boston, did affect her time, she said.
    Since a hip stress fracture in October, 2007, and a foot stress fracture a year later, she had to supplement her running with biking and strength training in the interim.  She didn’t get as many miles “on the pavement,” she said.
    However, her other physical training the past few months when she couldn’t run put her muscles in great shape for Monday’s marathon.
    “I felt really strong the first half,” she said, but there were some hard miles after that when she hit the four major hills between the 17 and 21 mile markers. But, her strength returned the last couple of miles, she said, and she was able to finish hard.
    “You just never know what it will be like. It’s why I love it, there are always surprises,” she said.
    She’s looking at another marathon for this fall, and may return again to Boston in 2010.
    Runners at Boston must have a qualifying time based on their gender and age. Her time Monday was fast enough to qualify her for next year’s race.
    “I do want to go back,” she said.
    Schultz, a CPA, lives in Littleton, Colo., and is an audit manager at Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner Hottman, PC.

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