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City sales tax tally down a bit in October PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

October’s proceeds from Imperial’s city sales tax was down from several previous months. Despite the drop, the sales tax funds gained $25,067.08 that month.
While it represents the lowest monthly total for nearly two years, City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland said it’s hard to say why.
“I’m just not certain,” Leyland said.
The last month that was lower that October’s was in November, 2007, when $22,397 was collected.
Adding in October’s proceeds, the Imperial’s gross income so far from the city sales tax topped the $930,000 mark.
As adopted by city voters in November, 2006, the one percent city sales tax collected each month by the Department of Revenue is returned to the city, after removing an administrative fee.
Then, the sales tax paid on vehicles that month is removed and placed in the city’s street department, by law. For October, that amounted to $2,592.34.
The remaining dollars are then split 50/50 between community projects and economic development efforts.


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