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Bloodmobile takes in 72 units during busy July PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Last Thursday’s Bloodmobile in Imperial fell a little short of its goal, but considering the time of year and a late wheat harvest, the local coordinator was pleased.
Imperial Coordinator Karen Hayes noted included in the 77 who came in to donate, five were first time donors.
Also, she was happy to present a six gallon pin to Stan Cross of Lamar. With eight units per gallon, that equates to 48 blood donations from Cross.
His was the largest lifetime total recognized at the July 16 Bloodmobile at the Zion Lutheran Church.
Seventy-two good units were actually collected last Thursday, after five potential donors were deferred for various reasons.
Hayes said the later wheat harvest that was going strong last week and traditionally lower numbers during the summer contributed to the fact Imperial didn’t meet their original goal of 85.
Bloodmobile staff had urged Hayes to attempt to go over that goal.
Here are those who came into donate blood last week and released their names for publication.
Blood donors
Jeremy Vlasin, Burnetta Ahrens, Jo Leyland, Liz Mollendor, Alec Hieber, Matt Hanna, Jarett Finley, Rickie Prather, Rex Heckenlively, Linda Vlasin, Randy Bartlett, Jan Widger, Jade Vaverek, Doug Gaswick, Jeanette Munger, Lori Mendenhall, Sue Moore, Cal German, Mary Jo Hill, Idonna Elder, Brenda Thayer, Earl Loop, Jewel Jensen, Christy Stinnette, Dan Robinson, Elizabeth Morse, Roxane Miller, John Miller, Rich Norman, Robert Colson, Charley Colton, Jacqueline Greene, Virginia Lawson, Norma Dannatt, Bruce Vires, Donna McNair, Ronee Kruger, Lexee Reichert, David Hanna, Jane Greene, Diane Bischoff, Kathy Schilke, Stanley Cross, Bud Statz, Dianne Radcliffe, Marcia Rider, Marilyn Hust, Mark Berry, Debra Swink, Lolita Todd, Emilee Fish, Heather Robinson, Tawnya Jensen, Kathy Cook, Lorrie Ringleman, Dollene Muths, Connie Thompson, Mitch Stretesky, Darrin Schultz, Audra Manley, Dorene Garrison, Sarah Morse, Tiffany Tucker, Larry Peterson, Butch Raile, Bill Christensen, Dirk Greene, Marjie Buls, Brittney Reichard, Keith Regier, Harlow Hill, Nick Schultz, Jan Schultz, Christina Peterson, Sindia Nevarez, Penny Strand.


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