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First class stamps going up two cents Monday PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Earlier this year, Governors of the U.S. Postal Service approved new prices for mailing, including a two-cent increase for first class stamps, from 42 to 44 cents.
    That change in price arrives Monday, May 11. Some additional price increases will also take effect then.
    Purchase of the Forever Stamps before the price goes up Monday will allow customers to continue to mail first class letters at today’s prices.
    Forever Stamps are honored whenever they are used with no need for additional postage after prices have risen for a one-ounce letter. However, the 42-cent Forever Stamp must be purchased before the prices goes up Monday.
    Other prices that will be increasing at the Post Office on Monday include:
    A postcard stamp increases a penny to 28 cents.
    The first ounce of a large envelope (flat) increases five cents to 88 cents.
    The first ounce of a parcel increases five cents to $1.22.
    New first class mail international postcard and letter (first ounce) prices will be: Canada 75 cents, Mexico 79 cents, other countries 98 cents.
    Price for the additional ounce on first class mail will not change, and remains at 17 cents.
    Priority and express mail shipping prices were adjusted earlier and will not change next week.
    According to Post Office officials, for the average household, the first class mail stamp price changes will amount to about $3 more a year.
    The Imperial Post Office will be open from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, the final day to purchase stamps at the current prices.   

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