We need more movies like this one

‘I can only imagine’ message extra special during Easter season.

If you want to view a movie with a message we all need today, I highly recommend the film being shown this weekend at The Imperial Theatre.
    When we have the chance to visit my brother and family in Rapid City during Easter and other holidays, we always try to squeeze in a movie together. Six of us went to see “I Can Only Imagine” last weekend and none of us were disappointed.
    The movie is especially relevant during the Easter season which, as you know, isn’t just a one-day celebration. So city officials should be commended for bringing “I Can Only Imagine” to Imperial this coming weekend as we continue to contemplate Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.
    The heart of the film rises from the reflective, true story of Mercy Me’s lead singer, Bart Millard, who wrote the No. 1 Christian song “I Can Only Imagine” which became a hit in 2001. Millard reflects on his life, raised by an abusive father who didn’t have the faith his son did, repeatedly told his son he was never good enough and that a music career would not make the money he needed to live. It’s a true story of forgiveness and what a positive effect that has on one’s life.
    There weren’t many leaving the movie who didn’t have tears in their eyes.
    I wonder when Hollywood is going to realize that movies with a real message like “I Can Only Imagine,” and made, by the way, at a fraction of the cost of many films, is what the public wants to see. Hollywood’s real bottom line in the movie industry is money, isn’t it? Well, this movie hit both goals of box office success with a meaningful story.
    With an estimated budget of just $7 million, “I Can Only Imagine” opened nationwide last month. It has grossed over $56 million through Easter weekend. In Hollywood terms, I guess that’s a successful movie.
    We can do our part by supporting movies like “I Can Only Imagine.”

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