We may be isolated, but COVID will come

We WILL get a case. That is, unless it’s already here, either in the form of asymptomatic or mild cases.

I had an appointment in McCook on Monday, one that had to be done in person rather than via Zoom or FaceTime.
    It was insane how different it was compared to Imperial. We haven’t left town since all of the restrictions happened. We’ve been following CDC guidelines, albeit not as dedicated as McCook residents.
    As of Tuesday, Red Willow County had four confirmed COVID-19 cases. Chase County still has no confirmed cases as of now.
    Is part of that because we are so isolated? Possibly.
    At the appointment, masks were required, as were temperatures upon arrival, six-foot distancing tape and lots of hand sanitizer.
    The biggest difference between Chase and Red Willow counties we saw was our trip to Walmart.
    All employees had masks and gloves, whether they were working in a specific department or at the check-out lines.
    In addition to the employees, every shopper we encountered also had masks.
    Aisles were designated as one-way to encourage social distancing. It wasn’t just masking tape on the floor, but graphically designed by Walmart, including large red stop signs to show you were going the wrong way.
    The grocery side of Walmart was definitely different than normal.
    You could tell what was popular. They’re definitely having trouble keeping things stocked, whether that’s because of people hoarding or not being able to receive items from a warehouse.
    In Imperial, I do see the occasional mask, tape on the floor to show distancing and lots of sanitizer around.
    The ability to purchase necessary items is much easier in Chase County than it was a month ago. If you need toilet paper, no problem. Even hand sanitizer is readily available.
    We’re definitely not to the level of Red Willow County.
    Once we get a positive case, I feel that will change. And that’s just the thing. We WILL get a case. That is, unless it’s already here, either in the form of asymptomatic or mild cases.
    In the meantime, please do your part: wash your hands, practice social distancing and don’t hoard essential items.


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