We all play a role in success of Chase County Fair

In fact, in one way or another, each one of us plays a supporting role in perpetuating our fair’s reputation.

We’re moving into mid-August which means the Chase County Fair is here. Fair activities began Friday night with the sponsor supper and the horse show Sunday marked the official start of the fair.
    We in Chase County take great pride in our county fair—and rightfully so! Without a doubt, the fair has proven itself year in and year out as one of best county fairs in Nebraska.
    The start of fair also means the culmination of a year’s worth of planning by the fair board to ensure another successful Chase County Fair.
    But the reason for that success goes much further than the fair board’s efforts. It’s 4-H parents and kids. It’s corporate sponsors. It’s local volunteers. It’s support from the county commissioners. It’s YOU!
    In one way or another, each one of us plays a supporting role in perpetuating our fair’s reputation.
    If calculated, the amount of volunteer hours that go into making this fair such a success would no doubt be an astonishing number.
    As host for the fair, Imperial has the unique opportunity to roll out the red carpet for the thousands of people who will visit our community next week.
    It’s the little things like saying “hi” to someone you don’t know or extending a helping hand in one way or another that make a difference.
    It’s the little things that make the big impressions, like making sure your lawn is mown and your property looks neat and tidy.
    You never know whether the person you said hello to or extended your helping hand to might become the next citizen of Imperial due to these efforts.
    Your ongoing support for an event that brings more people to Chase County than any other event during the year remains crucial for the fair’s success. Your participation in this year’s fair goes a long ways in showing how much we value our fair.
    This is our chance to show our pride for living in small-town America. It’s our time to shine. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity!

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