Vegas shooting rekindling Dems’ call for more gun control

But pecking away at our rights granted in the Second Amendment is not the answer.

There’s no question the tragic shooting in Las Vegas two weeks ago that killed 58 innocent people and injured nearly 500 ripped at the heart of Americans.
    This shooting represents yet another dark moment for our country, going down as the worst mass shooting in our country’s history.
    And just like clockwork, it didn’t take our liberal friends long to start calling for more gun control.
    And just like clockwork, gun advocates began retorting with their Second Amendment rights.
    For each of these groups, the issue is clear-cut—black and white and no in-between.
    Our liberal friends all say something has to be done from banning the bump stock to tighter, more extensive background checks.
    Truth be told, if they could take our guns away, and especially assault rifles, they’d be happy.
    What’s interesting in this instance, the Vegas shooter passed all of the background checks  over several years while purchasing a plethora of guns. So how do tighter background checks single out a crazy man set on mass killing?
    Those of us in the middle believe just that—there has to be some middle ground somewhere.
    The shooter used a bump stock that is designed to make a semi-automatic rifle fire as if it was a fully automatic rifle. My question is this—does the average Joe gun owner really need one of these, even though for now they’re legal? How about 100-round magazines?
    Not all of you will agree with me on those but one thing we do all agree upon is the right to bear arms, as granted in the Second Amendment.
    None of us wants to see another Vegas, or San Bernadino, or Newtown or Columbine. But pecking away at our rights granted in the Second Amendment is not the answer.
    Let’s hope we can all agree on some common ground and practices that can avert the type of mass shootings we’ve witnessed in this country.

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