Use social distancing to your advantage

Let’s keep this in perspective and think of what good can come from social distancing.

While some cities in the U.S. are on lockdown, I honestly didn’t think such drastic measures would hit little ‘ole Imperial.

We actually needed toilet paper last weekend. Lucky me, I snagged the last of it from Dollar General Saturday.

I’m not all that scared of the virus itself, as long as people stay home when they’re sick and wash their hands. At least that was the case until my son was diagnosed with pneumonia. 

What scares me the most about COVID-19 is the panic. Will we still get paychecks during this hysteria? Can I still pay bills? 

I feel truly awful for the kids at Chase County Schools, who likely won’t get to compete in track this season  or  even have prom.

While talking to boys’ head track coach Carl Zuege, he put it into perspective for me. “It’s one of those deals where it’s a bummer, but we understand that this is what it’s going to take.”

True, Carl. And while we’re mourning the loss of what could have been a truly amazing track season—and quite possibly a state championship for the girls—let’s keep this in perspective and think of what good can come from social distancing.

My Facebook feed is full of families spending quality time together, including craft projects, movie marathons and getting to know each other again.

The University of Rochester Medical Center has a list of ideas to do with family during these times.

“All family time is quality time,” they said.

—Children want your undivided attention. When they talk, look at them and engage them in more conversation. Show your interest.

—Listen to their music. Who knows, you might start liking it. (I know we’ve been belting out songs from Frozen II at my house)

—Ask them what they want to do. Is baseball their love? Play catch in your backyard.

—Establish new family traditions. Set a specific time each week for them, like Friday pizza nights or Sunday brunches.

—Develop your family as a team. Give everyone chores and do them together.

—Make one-on-one time with each child. Kids talk more freely when they’re with just one parent.

—Watch age-appropriate television shows they choose and then talk about them. (Again, lots of Frozen II, which Disney+ released a few months early due to people being isolated).

However you’re spending your time, whether you’re being quarantined or not, take some time to get to know your loved ones again—FaceTime can also help here.


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