Trump just doing what he promised

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"Dems just can’t get over the fact that this country is tired of their “progressive” thinking, evidenced by Trump’s stunning victory in November."

It’s rather refreshing for someone in government to actually do what they said they’d do. That’s been the case with President Trump in the early days of his new administration. President Trump openly campaigned about controlling immigration, building a wall on the Mexican border, beefing up the military, and of course, repealing Obamacare. So last weekend, it was no surprise that President Trump issued an executive order putting a hold on people coming into this country from seven specific countries.
    Ironically, these seven countries had already been identified by the Obama administration as being “countries of concern” and a threat to our nation’s security. Trump’s order bars citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the U.S. for the next 90 days.
    The ban gives our security agencies the time to examine the entire immigration system—who’s coming in; where they are coming from; do they need further vetting; do they have refugee status.
    It didn’t take long for the liberals to start their idealogical protests and marches on behalf of the refugees being denied entry into this country. Frankly, I don’t believe they were protesting the executive order banning entry into the country for 90 days. Instead, they were protesting against the man who signed the order. In 2011, the Obama administration put a hold on Iraqi refugee requests for six months. Why weren’t these same people marching in defiance then?
    Protests broke out Tuesday night after Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was announced. It didn’t matter who Trump nominated—they were going to protest it.
        A nation of Democrats still want to believe they’re living a bad dream and that when they wake up, Hillary Clinton will really be president. Not! Dems just can’t get over the fact that this country is tired of their “progressive” thinking, evidenced by Trump’s stunning victory in November.
    Trump is already starting to make good on the promises he made during his campaign. So why should the liberals act so blindsided when he does what he promised to do to “make this country great again?” Liberals keep hanging their hat on the fact that Trump didn’t win the popular vote in the presidential election. What they seem to forget is that in 1992, when Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush, he drew just 43 percent of the popular vote.
    When he was re-elected in 1996, defeating Bob Dole, he won with 49 percent of the popular vote. If an Electoral College win was  good enough then, it ought to be good enough now. It’s not a dream and Trump is president. What these protesters can take solace in is that they still live in a country where they have the freedom to openly demonstrate with protection from the Constitution of these United States!


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