Time to get to bottom of things

As the old Shakespeare line goes, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …”

We as Americans need to be greatly concerned about our democracy and the health of our republic IF (and I say if) new revelations are true that Americans were being spied upon by our own government.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat on this one if it indeed happened. Granted, this whole situation is being played up or down, based solely on politics.
    Regardless, it’s frightening to think our government conducted covert activities in a similar manner that they condemn other authoritarian governments for doing against their own people.
    Frankly, you either like and admire President Trump or you despise him. There’s very little middle ground on that issue.
    What we have learned over the last several weeks is that officials high up in the Obama administration, its Justice Department and the CIA were allegedly spying on officials within the Trump campaign and administration.
    Then, in the finals days before the Trump inauguration, members of President Obama’s inner circle from these agencies and his staff secretly targeted their efforts to entrap and/or discredit Lt. General Michael Flynn, Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor.
    Trump later fired him over a phone call with the Russian ambassador. Later, he pled guilty to lying to the FBI, a plea that he has now beenwithdrawn. The Justice Department under Trump is now asking the court to withdraw their case altogether. In light of the recent revelations, that seems to be a sound decision.
    What’s interesting is that the contents of the call between Flynn and the Russian were later leaked to the press, likely by someone within the FBI or CIA. Obviously, one of those agencies was spying on Flynn at the time.
    Normally, under those circumstances, the identity of the American would be “masked” in reports since it’s illegal for these agencies to be spying on American citizens.
    However, more than 30 different Obama officials, asked that Flynn’s identity be “unmasked” to further their efforts in discrediting him. One name on that list, then Vice-President Joe Biden, suggests that even President Obama knew what was going on.
    As the old Shakespeare line goes, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark … ,” or as I like to say: “It doesn’t pass the smell test.”
    These alleged covert activities taking place at the highest levels of our government need to investigated further.
    If, and again I say “if,” these allegations prove to be true, it represents an outright effort to overthrow the government of a duly elected president— a coup.
    Every American should shudder to think what might have happened in our nation had this gone undiscovered. It’s time to get to the bottom of things and restore faith in our democracy and government.


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