Some good news for the ag sector—finally

All this will be good for Chase County, for Nebraska and the ag sector as a whole.

It’s been a long time coming but farmers and ranchers in Nebraska and nationwide finally got some good news Tuesday. It was announced the trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada will finally get a vote in Congress.
    The issue has been on hold in the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives since the agreement was negotiated between the three countries.
    The new agreement between the three countries ensures Nebraska beef, pork, corn, and soybean producers will maintain essential access to Mexico and Canada markets.
    The agreement also opens the door for greater purchases of Nebraska wheat, poultry, and dairy products, as well as modernizing other areas of this critical agreement.
    Canada is the No.1 export market for Nebraska products with Mexico being No. 2.
    No doubt there’s been lots of back-channel communication in order for the agreement to finally get a vote. Getting it passed represents one of the top priorities for President Trump.
    According to Associated Press, the Democrats wanted some language to protects labor union jobs in the U.S., especially in the car industry. This was targeted especially at Mexico because auto factory jobs had moved there for cheaper labor.
    Mexico has already passed a labor law overhaul required as part of the agreement, giving workers there more opportunity to unionize.
    The news on the USMCA comes on the heels of Japanese approval of a trade agreement that will particularly benefit Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. Tariffs of U.S. beef will eventually fall to 9%. Tariffs on pork, corn, wheat, and other Nebraska-grown crops will also significantly decrease.
    There’s also indications China will reopen soybean trade with the U.S., along with other farm commodities, This could be the precursor to a new trade agreement with China that would end tariffs and open markets in both directions.
    All this will be good for Chase County, for Nebraska and the ag sector as a whole.
    It’s enlightening to see the Republicans and Democrats finally working in the same direction for the good of our country.
    Oh, yeah—the Dems still want President Trump impeached. So much for working together!


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