This should scare all Americans!

What happened was an intentional trampling of our First Amendment rights by social media giants . . .

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian or an independent­—as Americans, we should all be scared with what happened on social media last week.
    This one goes far beyond politics and the division that exists in our country today.
    What happened was an intentional trampling of our First Amendment rights by social media giants who decided what you can and can’t access on social media and the internet.
    Last week, the New York Post ran a story alleging Vice President Joe Biden did indeed have knowledge of his son Hunter’s business dealings, something he has emphatically denied.
    The story was based on emails and pictures from a laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at a computer repair shop.
    It doesn’t matter if you are for President Trump or Vice President Biden in the upcoming election.
    What does matter is that Twitter and Facebook decided not to allow the story or discussions about it on their platforms. Google buried it as well. That’s censorship!
    Twitter even locked the New York Post’s account, shutting down any efforts to get the story out. Facebook limited distribution of the story, pending a fact-checker review.
    Seems there’s a double standard when Facebook didn’t require a fact-check on a story about President Trump’s taxes.
    Like I said, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Trump fan or a Biden fan. What is going on with social media in America seems a lot like what happens in Russia, China and Cuba to control what their citizens have access to. Is that what we’re becoming?
    If social media remains unchecked and unaccountable, our constitutional freedoms, our democracy and our republic as a whole come into jeopardy, regardless of who is elected president Nov. 3.
    It’s not just the rights of a free press and free speech at risk. Our freedom of religion, the right to peacefully assemble and the right to redress our government in the First Amendment are in danger, as well.
    Don’t forget the Second Amendment, which gives each of us the right to bear arms. The social media establishment will be coming for your guns, too.
    As Americans, we cannot stand by and let our freedoms be eroded, especially by a faction that we, the people, haven’t even elected.
    It’s time to let our Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators know that we will not tolerate this erosion of our rights by social media giants and that it’s time to reel them in.


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