In search of all the stand-for-women feminists

It’s sad when a resolution has to be proposed in Congress to stem vicious attacks against a Supreme Court nominee.

Are you wondering, like I am, where all the feminists are who put women that can do it all up on a pedestal? Where are all those who support women who have “power positions” while raising a family, and also manage to be involved in their community and children’s lives?
    When it comes to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, they are noticeably absent. Instead, all we hear from the left and Trump-haters are derogatory statements, most of which are aimed at Barrett’s Catholic faith and large family.
        If anything, Barrett should already be on magazine covers with what she’s accomplished in her 48 years of life.
        It wasn’t a big surprise Saturday when President Trump and Barrett walked out together into the Rose Garden, after which he announced his third nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. She was believed to be No. 1 on his “list” of nominees, which, unlike Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Trump released years ago.
        Biden has yet to release his “list,” and emphasized he won’t until after the election, if even then. One of his reasons? He told CNN it would subject his potential nominees to “unrelenting political attacks” for months.
    You mean like Amy Coney Barrett is now undergoing?
    Here is just some of it—Democrat staffer and activist Dana Houle questioned the legality of the Barretts’ two adopted children from Haiti. An “entertainer” (who I won’t name so not to give them publicity) commented about her screetchy-like-a-blackboard voice. Democrats are questioning her membership in the Catholic organization People of Praise, worried that it means she is submissive to her husband—not at all the case. Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said Barrett’s religious beliefs would not be off-limits in her upcoming confirmation hearings.
    And what does all this have to do with serving on the Supreme Court? It’s gotten bad enough that a Congressional resolution was introduced Tuesday, backing the nominee against the vicious attacks from Democrats and the media.
    What disappoints me the most are the zero comments from the feminist crowd about what she has accomplished all the way to her current position as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. She was first in her graduating class at Notre Dame Law School and was a law clerk for the highly respected Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court, among other accomplishments. All that while raising a family of seven children with her husband, Jesse.
    However, feminists look the other way when it’s a woman with children, especially more than one, who isn’t wildly pro-choice. Oh, and she goes to church regularly—another mark against her.
    We can only hope her hearings that start Oct. 12 will not be the circus like the last one was. The SCOTUS process deserves better. The Democrats and others making vicious attacks against Barrett might want to consider how many votes their actions could push over to Trump.


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