An open letter to our Republican Congressmen

In November, President Donald J.Trump pulled off one of the most stunning elections in modern history. He did it by stepping outside the norms and, instead of pandering to a political party, appealed directly to the people of this great country.
    He’s been president for just six weeks but we’ve already seen him put into action many of the promises that he made during the campaign.
    Granted, many of those actions have met with protests and bashing from the liberals around this country, even in Nebraska and probably in Imperial, for that matter.
    But President Trump was elected because conservative people in both parties are tired of being bombarded with political correctness and having liberal edicts shoved down our throats.
    During President Trump’s joint speech to Congress Tuesday night, it was quite obvious to see how divided this country is.
    While the half of the chamber comprised of Republicans clapped and rose in ovation after ovation, Democrats on the other side of the chamber sat on their hands. Many are still in disbelief that Donald Trump is actually our new president.

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