Now’s the time for some civility

The Democrats must make a key choice—legislate or investigate. If they take the latter path, we’re in for another two years of do-nothing government.

The mid-term elections finally came and went Tuesday night. We will all enjoy not having to hear all the election talk on the airwaves—except now, we’ll need to endure the post-election analysis.
    This year’s mid-terms created some history of it’s own. It’s not uncommon for the party in power to lose both House and Senate seats.
    While the Democrats won back the House Tuesday, the Republicans held on to a majority in the Senate. Right now, the Republicans have 51 seats with another three elections still too close to call Wednesday morning. Regardless, the Senate still belongs to the Republicans and President Donald Trump.
    Thanks in large part to President Trump’s barnstorming campaign rallies prior to the election, the “blue wave” with Democrats taking 50-60 House seats never materialized, They did flip the needed 23 seats and all told, it looks like about a 30-35 seat loss for the Republicans. Not all bad considering all the poisonous rancor leading up to this election.
    And when things flip, it’s not easy to contain the bleeding. In fact, in 2010, President Obama lost 63 House seats, the most ever by a sitting president.  In 1994, President Clinton lost 54 seats and the majority in the House with Rep. Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.”

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