Nominee Barrett on way to Supreme Court despite Democrats’ tactics

Comments like ‘This is a sham’ only emphasize Democrats’ frustration that Barrett is an excellent candidate.

It’s been fascinating to watch the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, which started Monday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. While it’s vastly different than the disgusting hearing two years ago for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it’s still pretty easy to see who the Republican and Democratic senators are, based on their questions.
    There was a little reminiscing back to the Kavanaugh hearings, however, when Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono asked Barrett if she’d ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or sexual assault. Of course, Barrett responded no.
    Hirono blatantly displayed her anti-Trump leanings by saying she always asks these two questions on sexual assault of any nominee. Of course, she didn’t start asking those questions, she said, until January 2018, the year Kavanaugh was nominated.
    Then there was Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who visibly expressed her party’s hatred of President Trump, as she commented, “This shouldn’t be Donald Trump’s judge, it should be yours” (meaning the American people). Well, the former candidate for President should be informed that the people DID elect Trump and one of the reasons was because the appointment of Supreme Court nominees is one of the President’s most important tasks.
    Klobuchar’s emotional “this is a sham” comment certainly made her look at wit’s ends. As we’ve said before in this space—elections have consequences.
    These hearings are meant to be a way for senators and the American public to see the nominee’s demeanor, her thought process and how she comes to decisions—it’s not for expressing one party’s disdain for the President.
    Guess they failed to learn that during Kavanaugh’s hearings, which unfortunately, set the wheels in motion for questioning like this from now on, I’m afraid.
    Through it all, including 12 hours of testimony Tuesday, Barrett has remained calm, poised and she definitely looks to be our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.


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