Museum programs a credit to historical society board

It’s important to preserve our history, way of life.

I was eyeing the couch Sunday afternoon, thinking how great a nap would be during another hot summer day. But, instead, I decided to attend the program at the Chase County Museum, where well-known area auctioneer and appraiser Johnny Walker was giving a program he does every year here.
    I’m sure glad I didn’t choose the nap because it was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational program that not only centered on his appraisal of historic and keepsake pieces owned by local residents. He gave us all a lesson in the value of preserving history, art and furniture.
    As he reviewed each item laid out on a table before him, in many instances, what he said he would pay for that item was a lot higher than what he said it would go for at auction. And, that’s unfortunate.
    Bottom line, according to Walker, the appreciation for historic, well-constructed pieces, art that tells a story and unique historic items are not valued today as they have been in the past. He noted, “Today’s furniture will never be collectible.” He said when asked by young people, he tells them to buy REAL wood furniture.
    Being married to a carpenter, buying furniture made of “real wood” has never been in question. Actually, a lot of the furniture in our home was made by my husband before we met or was built early in our marriage. It’s all still standing strong with no weak legs or pieces falling out.
    Programs such as Sunday’s with Johnny Walker are a credit to our Chase County Historical Society board, which works tirelessly to keep the county museum in Champion viable and filled with items that will tell about us 100 years from now. They organize a weekly program every summer that includes great information like the one on Sunday, all with a focus on preserving history for future generations.
    My hat goes off to our historical society and their efforts.

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