Moms need a day off

...they will be well supplied with leftover Christmas cookies, ramen noodles and Disney+

I didn’t do near the work of a lot of moms this Christmas, but I sympathize and second Trish Sammer’s idea of Dec. 26 being dubbed National Moms’ Day Off.
Sammer, a writer for the website called, even wrote a poem to promote her new holiday:
    “You’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned,
    you’ve plotted, you’ve schemed
to make the holiday bright.
Now you’re tired.
Up to your elbows, you’re mired
in things that were meant to delight.
You need a break,
a drink (and a cake)
Some bad TV wouldn’t hurt.
Let the family eat leftovers
while you dine on Russell Stovers.
All kid requests you divert.
“You got new toys yesterday!”
“No, there’s no cooking today!”
The car keys remain in your handbaggy.
No shower for you,
no clothes except pj’s, it’s true.
Your hair can go limp and saggy
It’s December 26,
time to get your one-day fix
of being the Lordess of the Couch.
The remote is yours.
Into your glass, the wine pours.
You’ve earned your day off, all could vouch.”
    The majority of Sammer’s poem doesn’t work for all moms—especially those of us who have two under age 3—but demanding an hour to yourself this weekend after all your slaving is more than fair.
    Once my kids are self-sustaining, I will definitely take my break, reminding them that they will be well-supplied with leftover Christmas cookies, ramen noodles and Disney+
    To read Sammer’s full article, go to


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