Looking for a place to land?

Coupled with the many other amenities of small-town life, Imperial seems like a good place to land.

We can be thankful we live in  Imperial, in Chase County, in Nebraska. With many areas of our country in disarray from the COVID-19 pandemic, political upheaval, riots and intolerance for differing views, we’ve got it pretty good right here.
    I doubt few of you would argue with me about that. Sure, some of us may disagree over whose best for our country—Trump or Biden—but we can still agree to disagree without hating each other. Try that out in some of the cities on fire in America!
    Over the past several decades, when both real estate prices and taxes exploded in California, the libs took their money and began the “californication” of the front range in Colorado.
    Gradually, Colorado went from a red state to a blue state with a Democratically controlled house, senate and governorship.
    Last year, Colorado outlawed any coal-generated power plants after 2030. Nor can coal be mined or processed.
    I’m guessing most of my Democratic friends in Imperial sit on the conservative side of their party. I’m also guessing they probably don’t mind using coal-generated electricity to run the air conditioner or power their irrigation well.
    And most of all, I doubt they share the same liberal ideals that have taken over their party.
    Yup! We’ve got it pretty good right here in ol’ Chase County.
    When crop prices exploded, Chase County experienced a boom in bringing its young people home. That time is upon us again.
    We need to let our young people know that there’s opportunity here in Imperial and Chase County.
    With Covid, many have found they don’t need to drive in to the office to work. Instead, they can work about anywhere. Why not Imperial?
    Imperial offers a quality of life that many yearn for. In fact, people on the front range tired of all the people and the hassles, not to mention the political climate, are finding out about Imperial, too.
    The state of affairs in our country presents an opportunity for Imperial to reach out in an effort to help our community grow.
    With the addition of a high-speed, gigabit fiber optic network, Imperial can check off another key element that’s a necessity for the work-from-anywhere genre of today’s mobile work force.
    Coupled with the many other amenities of small-town life, Imperial seems like a good place to land.
    Let’s get the word out!
    (Disclosure: Russ Pankonin, Republican co-publisher, is a partner in Gigabit Fiber Networks, the company that built the new fiber optic network in Imperial.)


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