Let people mourn how they wish

Who are we to judge?

A tragedy happened this week when a helicopter crashed near Los Angeles. The reason it became such big news is due to the victims on board.
Kobe Bryant, former NBA star of the Los Angeles Lakers, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were victims in the crash.
Bryant made his name being drafted for the NBA right out of high school. He spent his entire 20-year NBA career with the Lakers.
Since the news hit, some people have taken to bashing Bryant on social media, asking why this is such a big deal; crashes happen all the time.
Yes, we should also care about the military members who died in a recent bombing in Afghanistan. An IED killed two paratroopers near the city of Kandahar on Jan. 11.
We should be praising and mourning the loss of military men and women who lose their lives defending our freedom.
But that doesn’t mean we have the right to bash and judge others who are taking the loss of Bryant hard. Who are we to judge?
There are plenty of people who watched Bryant from the early days, saying “I want to be like him,” which caused them to work their tails off to become a good basketball player.
Unlike other celebrities who live pampered lives with shady morals, in my opinion, I would be proud if my children looked up to a person like Bryant. He gave young basketball fans something positive for which to strive.
There’s no shame in that. Stop judging those who looked up to him.
Let people mourn the loss of Bryant and his young daughter and the other seven on board the helicopter, but let’s also mourn the loss of Staff Sgt. Ian P. McLaughlin and Pfc. Miguel A. Villalon who died in the blast in Afghanistan.


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