LB 1107 good first step for Nebraska

But one big problem still remains relating to relief to the ag sector—state aid to schools.

Without the four-month recess of the Nebraska Legislature due to the coronavirus, it’s doubtful senators would have ever come to any agreement on property tax relief or a new business incentive plan.
    Sen. Dan Hughes had his own doubts in March as the session was starting to wind down, putting even more pressure on to find some type of compromise. Then came coronavirus.
    The four-month recess provided the opportunity to keep efforts alive to find a solution suitable to all parties. Call it a cooling-off period that proved quite beneficial.
    The adept leadership of Speaker Jim Scheer of Norfolk came through, as he put seven senators together in a room until they came out with a workable solution.
    Credit the seven senators as well who crafted ideas that eventually resulted in LB 1107. Was it a perfect bill? No. Did everyone get all they wanted? No. But it did address three primary issues that will move our state forward.
    During last year’s session, the train was moving down the track to pass a new business incentive bill, whether property tax relief was addressed or not.
    Thanks in large part to the rural senators in the body, a coalition of 20 senators threatened to hold up the incentive bill unless they got property tax relief addressed as well.
    Urban senators went away shocked last year when they found the coalition meant business and they didn’t get their incentive bill passed.

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