It’s a strange, strange world we live in . . .

All one has to do is turn to social media to see the hate being spewed all across this country.

I’m going to date myself a bit with this one but what the heck. As I was thinking about the situation in our country now, I recalled the lead lyrics from a 1968 song, Master Jack —“It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack . . .  .”
    Those words couldn’t ring any truer than what we see our country going through right now.
    First, there was COVID-19 and the shutdown of the entire economy and the lockdown of citizens in major cities of the U.S.
    Then came the death of African American George Floyd as a Minneapolis policeman relentlessly drove his knee into the neck of a handcuffed and prone Floyd, who later died.
    His death at the hands of a white policeman, coupled with the pent-up frustrations of people dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic set up the perfect storm.
    Protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis, and later other major cities, including Lincoln and Omaha in our    own state, to display their outrage of police brutality and the way Floyd died.
    These protests were not just limited to African Americans as people of all colors and races joined in.
    But the protests turned into riots, leading to looting, burned out businesses and violence. These were no longer protests and this was no longer about the death of George Floyd.
    Factions of people who hate our country and its government seized upon this situation as an opportunity to wage anarchy and chaos in an attempt to bring our country down.
    All one has to do is turn to social media to see the hate being spewed all across this country. The organizations behind this movement, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are wielding their power to intimidate people who speak up against them in an attempt to limit free speech.
    Their calls for defunding police departments or even eliminating them all together have gained momentum in liberal and corporate circles. Simply put, this is absurd.
    With the lawlessness that exists now, imagine how things in this country would deteriorate if local, county and state governments yield to their demands.
    It is indeed a strange, strange world we live in today. We can only hope and pray that common sense will prevail as our country works its way through these challenges.


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