It’s convention time, but what will electing a Democrat mean?

Waiting to hear more on policies from Democrats.

If you’ve had the television on, you know this week has featured the Democratic National Convention (DNC). I was able to watch more of it Tuesday night, and while there are a lot of areas to comment on, I’ll focus on some of what the wife of Democratic nominee Joe Biden had to say.
    Jill Biden, a teacher by profession, chose to give the night’s closing speech from the high school classroom where she previously taught English. As she talked about the excitement of a new school year and all the sounds that come with it, she noted the empty and quiet halls in many of America’s schools this fall.
    “The rooms are dark as the bright young faces that should fill them are now confined to boxes on a computer screen,” she said.
    Toward the end of her speech, she added, “And with Joe as president, these classrooms will ring out with laughter and possibility once again.”
    Unlike most schools in this area, there are others across the country that are closed, with students learning from home via computers. Many of them are in areas where largely Democrat-leaning teacher unions have demanded that. And they are in states, for the most part, that have elected Democratic governors and mayors who have pushed the stay-at-home learning.
    I also found it odd that there has been no mention during the DNC of the violence in the streets of so many of our large cities, again, mostly with Democrats as their governors and mayors. What are the party’s plans in dealing with the rioting and killing that supposedly all started with the Memorial weekend death of George Floyd?
    I would imagine that most residents in these cities do not like what’s going on, yet the protesters cry out to defund their police departments. And, those cries to defund come as numbers of murders and violent crime have risen sharply there.
    Let’s hope next week’s Republican National Convention has more substance than this week’s, and will let the American people know what the Trump Administration will do in his next four years.


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