Hurricanes, floods may be what reunites Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, it often takes tragedies to reunite our countrymen behind a single cause.

When tragedy strikes, Americans forget about whether they are black, white or brown; Republicans or Democrats; friends or enemies. Ironically, it may be the recent hurricanes and resulting floods that bring our politicians in Washington, D.C. back together.
    Unfortunately, it often takes tragedies to reunite our countrymen behind a single cause. We saw it after 9/11 and we see it now after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
    Houston bore the brunt of Hurricane Harvey as flood waters enveloped and devastated the city. Other parts of the south suffered from flooding following record rainfall due to Harvey.
    Even before the flood waters began to recede in Texas, Florida began preparing for Hurricane Irma. She had already blasted her way through the Caribbean, leaving behind death and destruction. Coastal cities in Georgia and South Carolina have suffered the wrath of Irma as well.
    While our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have been able to agree on little over the last eight and a half years, one thing they have been able to accomplish is to approve $15 billion in flood aid to Texas—no politics on this one.
        Their job won’t be done as billions more will be needed for flood aid in Florida and recovery and rebuilding efforts in both regions.
    And through this all, President Trump has acted . . . well, more presidential. That comes in spite of the criticism leveled by liberal-leaning media outlets who even lambasted the first lady for the kind of shoes she wore when departing the White House for a tour of Houston.
    Let’s hope this spirit of cooperation serves as the new framework for Congress to finally begin working for its people versus sabotaging each other.

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