Get ready for higher gas prices

We’ve been spoiled by lower fuel prices the last couple of years . . .

Here’s my prediction: Get ready to pay more at the gas pumps. One doesn’t need a crystal ball or have a PhD in economics to understand that when the supply of a product goes down, the cost to purchase that product goes up.
    People who make their living in rural America will be among the classes of Americans who will feel the most effects of higher fuel prices.
    It only makes sense—we drive to get anywhere in rural America. Plus, our ranchers and especially our farmers rely heavily on fuel to produce the food the rest of the world often takes for granted.
    We’ve been spoiled by lower fuel prices the last couple of years after America became energy independent for the first time ever during the Trump administration.
    That’s all going to change now. It didn’t take President Biden long to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, put a pause on leasing land for energy exploration in Alaska’s wilderness and pause new oil and gas leasing on U.S. lands and waters.
    Add that to other executive orders to elevate climate change to a national security issue along with rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. Plus, the coal industry has a target on its back as well.
    These actions will ultimately reverse the advances America has accomplished towards all-important energy independence, not to mention the jobs that have been killed and will be killed going forward.
    I had to chuckle at the naïvety of our new vice-president who said those coal workers can be retrained for the great new green energy jobs that will be created. Same for pipeline workers. I doubt any of those green energy jobs will pay the $250-300,000 that professional pipeline welders make.
    Americans shouldn’t be surprised though—they’re doing exactly what they promised they would do if elected.
    Yes, elections do have consequences. I hope and pray the consequences of the 2020 election don’t tear up the very fabric that separates our great country from the rest of the world.


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