Floyd case evidently not a done deal

National news media needs more accountability.

You would think the news media would act differently by now. New, more complete video is out on the George Floyd altercation with police in May—it was leaked to a British news outlet. It shows he was complaining of breathing before he was ever on the ground.  
    Interviews indicate the DA prosecuting the case against the police officers favored the withholding of this video from police body cams until later, as one police officer was charged with second degree murder. Some pundits have said they’d don’t foresee a successful murder case against the officer now, considering the leaked video.
    On top of that, the medical exam on Floyd after his death showed he had fentanyl in his system. Two of that drug’s effects are shortness of breath and unconsciousness.
    And another sidebar—why was Hennepin County (Minnesota) DA Mike Freeman, who originally was the lead on the case, removed after he stated, “There is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge.”
    This in no way absolves the officers of some guilt, but it does shed more light on the incident that caused a national protest that has morphed into tearing down historic statues and burning buildings.
    And, meanwhile, professional athletes are ostracized for standing in respect during our National Anthem.
    It wasn’t too long ago that Nick Sandmann was the subject of media attacks when only a portion of a video was released, and media jumped on the Kentucky high school student. He and other Covington High School students were accused of instigating a racial confrontation with Native American Nathan Phillips. The full video released later showed it was the other way around. However, the boys were wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats and had attended the National March for Life in Washington D.C.
    In January, a year after the incident, CNN agreed to settle with Sandmann on a $275 million defamation claim. Late last month, the Washington Post also settled in a $250 million lawsuit.
    What has been disheartening is the fact so-called journalists continue to push a narrative that supports their political beliefs, and are more concerned with being first to report it than correct.
    It’s a disservice to the profession and the people involved.


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