Faith, not fear, should be our guide now

We should be praying more, not less.

Faith not Fear. That’s the title of a Lenten roundtable discussion that was underway at our church before the coronavirus outbreak stopped nearly all church-related and other activities here and around the country.

It’s important to note the title of this Lenten program was determined long before COVID-19 was even named, let alone imagined. Yet, what a foretelling of the times were are in now.

I’m a bit of a news junkie, but even I am having a hard time with all of it coming at me on COVID-19. My advice? While a lot of the information is changing daily and updates are vital, take a news break occasionally. Yes, some of it can be scary and rightly so.

Faith not Fear.

This is one of those times we must look to God and ask for His intervention. It seems ironic, though, that this epidemic has closed our churches at a time when more prayer as a community and nation is needed, not less.

That doesn’t mean we can’t pray on our own and with our families at home. Some pastors may even be opening their churches for personal prayer if you ask.

It’s important to know the facts to help fight this virus; afterall God gave us brains and common sense—you have to wonder though when cameras scan the spring breakers on those Florida beaches. We’ve heard all of the things each of us can do to thwart this—wash your hands often, practice social distancing, cover your sneezes and coughs and discard the tissue, stay away from sick people and stay home if possible. Another important one—drink water!

Taking precautions such as more regular hand-washing (to the point your hands are drying out) isn’t being fearful. It also means we have faith in what our medical professionals are telling us.

Faith not Fear.

While you may have some extra time on your hands these days, why not tell us about it?

Submit Letters to the Editor to us and tell us about how you are dealing with COVID-19 and how it has resulted in some positives for you and your family. Share the joys and discoveries you are finding while your life slows down a bit.


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