Fair provides the opportunity to shine

It’s our time to shine. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity.

My, how time flies. It feels like summer has slipped away without even knowing it. That means two things—school is just around the corner but more importantly, it’s time for the Chase County Fair!
    Chase County takes great pride in our county fair—and rightfully so! Without a doubt, the fair has proven itself year in and year out, as one of best county fairs in Nebraska.
    This doesn’t just happen. Months of planning goes into each year’s fair and as soon as this year’s fair is completed, planning will begin for next year.
    As host for the fair, Imperial has the unique opportunity to roll out the red carpet for the thousands of people who will visit our community in the coming weeks.
    It’s the little things that make the big impressions, like making sure your lawn is mowed and your property looks neat and tidy.
    It’s the little things like saying hi to someone you don’t know or to extend a helping hand in one way or another that makes a difference.
    You never know whether the person you say hello to or the person you extended your helping hand to might become the next citizen of Imperial, because of the friendliness we extended during their visit here.
    Your ongoing support for an event that brings more people to Chase County than any other event remains crucial for the fair’s success. Your presence at this year’s fair and grandstand shows will go a long way in showing how much we value our fair.
    It’s our time to shine. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity.


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