Fair another activity to cross off plans

Normalcy still seems a ways off.

Well, COVID-19 has taken another swipe on life as we know it. As you have heard by now, the fair board announced last week the 2020 Chase County Fair is cancelled.
    At least some of the 4-H/FFA animal shows will be held, with limited attendance, of course, as the 4-H Council and FFA will organize their animal shows.
    Empathy should be extended to our fair board members who had to make that difficult decision, knowing so many would be disappointed. Hopefully, all will understand their hands were tied a bit with the health district’s directives.
    Certainly, many are also relieved the fair won’t happen, as COVID-19 cases are increasing in our health district.
    Someone asked me if this is the first time the fair has been cancelled. In my 40-plus years here, it’s yes. A check through our old newspapers finds the fair was even held through WWII, so it’s been an August event here for many, many decades.
    Fair week is the one week you do NOT take vacation in this office. I learned that early on in my career here. The only time I’ve had that full week off was when I had my third child, but I still took in several events.
    So now, what do we do in place of that week many of us look forward to as the last blast of summer fun?
    Outside of attending the 4-H/FFA shows if you’re lucky enough to be a family member, parents can maybe breathe a little easier with more time to prepare for the start of school Aug. 19, and the changes this era of COVID-19 will likely bring to that institution.
    If you haven’t had time for a vacation, maybe that week will work to take in some outdoor sites in our beautiful country. I’d suggest Mt. Rushmore, a nearby, iconic U.S. landmark that’s just a six-hour drive away, and it’s outdoors.
    And, don’t forget prayer. There is a lot to pray for right now in this country, and it’s not all due to COVID-19.
    Imperial residents and Nebraskans in general are resilient people. We can continue to show that as normalcy still seems a ways off yet. At least until the election anyway.


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