An election to remember

This year’s presidential election will be one for the ages. Never before have so many Americans cast a vote for their favored candidate. And never before have so many voters cast early ballots.
    The results of this year’s election still remain unknown as of Wednesday morning in what will prove to be a razor-thin winning margin for either President Donald Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden.
    It hasn’t been since 2000 that a presidential election has been up in the air.
    That year, it took a U.S. Supreme Court decision in mid-December to settle a recount dispute that, in the end, gave President George W Bush the state of Florida. Those electoral votes pushed him past Democratic challenger Al Gore.
    It could well be a month or more this year before the votes in key battleground states have been canvassed and certified.
    Regardless of which candidate wins, I can almost assure you that the U.S. Supreme Court will play a role in deciding this election, 20 years after doing so in the 2000 election.
    While I favored President Trump, my biggest fear was that the Democrats would sweep the presidency and take control of both houses of Congress. As it looks now, it appears the Republicans will hold their majority in the Senate.
    So even if Biden wins, the Republicans can still provide the needed checks and balances to keep the Democrats from enacting liberal policies that could change our country forever.
    Only time will tell who will be the president for the next four years.
    This election will be one to remember for the Imperial Republican as well. The election issue is always pressure-packed as we compile results during the late night hours to ensure they make this week’s paper.
    This week proved to be especially challenging since three members of our staff tested positive for COVID-19, meaning 14 days of quarantine. Despite being home, News Editor Jan Schultz powered through the illness to get her stories done, including the election wrap-up Wednesday morning.
    Hats off to our staff who did what needed to be done to get this week’s issue out on time. Now, we’ll see how things go next week.


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