Democrats: what’s the rush?

The growing COVID-19 concerns were skillfully used to encourage voting early and voting by mail.

Who gave the news media and one political party the power to announce the winner of the U.S. Presidential race? I’d hazard a guess that most Americans would prefer waiting for that announcement based on counting and certification of the votes.
    Unfortunately, in today’s “hurry-up I have to know now” society, what’s going on right now is possibly why that happens.
    But, maybe there’s something else afoot.
    It may end up that Joe Biden will rightly assume the presidency, but on Tuesday this week not one state canvassing board had certified its results yet.
    What’s the hurry? There are legal challenges underway from the Republican Party.
    Are the Democrats forgetting the presidential race of 2000? It took Al Gore and the Democrats 37 days of challenges in Florida before he conceded to George Bush.
    And why is the news media wholeheartedly joining in on the call for the Republican Party to back off in their legitimate legal challenges? If there are no concerns about the irregularities that have already come out on the counting and date-changing, I ask what’s the rush?
    I thing we all know that answer.
    From the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Democrats began pushing the idea of using mail-in ballots instead of voting at the polls. Helped by the national media—more than 90% of whom have contributed money to the Democratic Party—the growing COVID-19 concerns were skillfully used to encourage voting early and voting by mail, where it’s much easier to manipulate ballots.
    In several key states, every registered voter on the rolls was sent ballots. That’s not like Nebraska, where a voter must personally fill out an early voting request form and sign it, asking ballots be mailed to them. In some of these states where the legal challenges are underway, dead people received ballots, and so did others no longer living at the address on record.
    No way for abuse there, right?
    All I am suggesting is that we let the legal challenges go forward, and see what is produced. We know there were abuses; the Republican Party has documented many of them.
    Affidavits have been signed by a postal employee who told of orders from his superiors to back-date ballots received past the deadline. They’ve shown in Arizona that dead people have voted and hundreds, maybe thousands, of voters who cast Arizona ballots no longer live in the state.
    Republican election observers have described being verbally accosted and kicked out of polling places in two major cities at least, followed by cheers from the election officials there. In some cities, Republican observers weren’t even allowed in until forced to.
    What are they afraid of?
    I have to refer to a baseball comparison in all of this, which may be the answer.
    Who is it that wants the ball game stopped when it starts raining? The one who’s en route to the win, or the one losing?


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