Christmas—a time of love, hope

Wednesday represents a special day in the lives of Christians as it marks the birth of the Christ Child—our Savior and King. With his birth and eventual death on the cross, we all have the opportunity to be saved through his unselfish love.
    During Christmas, we celebrate the joy that the Christ Child brings to our lives. But his commitment to us does not end with his birth.
    The Christ Child fills us with hope that is endless. Whether it’s times of joy, loneliness, grief or sadness, that hope is always there.
    It’s that hope and faith that we can share with others that’s the true power and meaning of Christmas.
        As we reflect back on the past year, let us remember the blessings that Christ has brought into our lives.
        Let us also remember in this season of love and sharing that there are many families right in our own community who need our love and assistance.
        As we rejoice, let’s not forget those who remain on the war front overseas and the many active duty service people who will not get to come home this Christmas.
        Let our hearts also be with the families of those soldiers who never made it home. That’s a hurt that never heals.
        Christmas is indeed a time for love and it reminds me of a song the young kids would sing at church called, “Christmas is a Time for Love.”  The words go like this:
Christmas is a time,
Christmas is a time,
Christmas is a time to love . . .
Christmas is a time,
Christmas is a time,
Christmas is a time to love . . .
We often start to worry and people get upset
‘Cause things don’t all go right on Christmas Day
But what we should remember in all the push and shove
Is Christmas is a time to love.
    Christmas is indeed a time for love! May your holidays be filled with love, hope, joy and faith through the birth of the Christ Child.
    Merry Christmas from all of us at the Imperial Republican and Johnson Publications!


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