CCS applauded for COVID-19 preparation

With COVID-19 and how it will affect school, many of my friends in larger cities are in a somewhat panic about sending their kids back to school.
    One complaint I’ve heard from teacher friends near Lincoln is that parents are referring to online education as “homeschooling.”
    “Are you, the parent, doing the preparation work?” one friend said.
    While some of my friends and family are either doing all-distance learning for the time being or back in the classrooms 100%, I want to praise the Chase County School Board and the CCS administration team for the work they’ve done in keeping our kids safe and healthy.
    I don’t have kids in school yet, but I would feel safe sending them to CCS when they start on Aug. 19.
    Supt. Adam Lambert came to CCS in a different time. Things are definitely not what I’d consider “normal.”
    But he put together a “COVID health and wellness” committee, complete with board members, teachers and members of the community/parents to discuss what the school should do to prepare.
    The thing that I feel, and Lambert does as well, is that things with COVID are constantly changing. We can have a plan A, B and C, but things can still change weekly, even daily.
    I applaud the committee’s stance on “down the middle” for masks. It makes sense—in areas where social distancing isn’t possible, put them on. In the classroom where kids can be six feet apart, they can take them off.
    My only concern is how the little ones will keep them on. Masks haven’t been mandatory in Chase County, and I’m not sure kids as young as kindergarten will be able to keep them on.
    Regardless of what happens this fall, let’s remember that the board has our kids’ best intentions at heart.


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