California wildfires a heartache for us all

Should we consider that God might be trying to tell us something?

It may seem like they are far away, and technically, they are. But, the raging wildfires in California should be of concern to all of us, even though we are thousands of miles away.
    The national news has been leading with the story for days now, and California’s “normal” fire season is just beginning. For our country’s largest state, the year 2020 has shattered the all-time record for area burned with 3.2 million acres scorched so far.
    On top of that, more than 30 deaths have been attributed to fires all along the west coast, and dozens more people are missing in Oregon alone. Tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes.
    California’s devastating situation was brought a little closer to home this week as we learned two of our own Imperial Volunteer Fire Department members have aided or are helping now to provide manpower there through professional firefighting and medical services. Kelsey  Weiss and Josh Burke have been among the thousands of firefighters, both from California and across the country, trying to stop the spread of the wildfires.
    Most of us have family or friends, or both, living in California, all of whom likely have fire stories to tell now. We have an ER nurse daughter in northern California who, like her counterparts, not only is treating COVID-19 patients but many are now serving as caregivers for injured or exhausted firefighters.
    As we reflect on all that is going on in the country right now—the coronavirus, rioting in the streets, a contentious presidential election, areas of drought, non-stop hurricanes at our southern coasts and these unyielding fires—shouldn’t we consider that God is possibly trying to tell us something?
    I am not a preacher or an expert on human behavior, but I do rely on prayer a lot. I think it’s time we all turn to God and ask forgiveness for the sins of this country, and make a firm decision to change our ways.
    I believe we are being given a chance to correct the wrongs right now. Are we willing to listen and take action?


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