Blessings of a small town

You can’t deny how good our kids have it.

There were many reasons we moved back to my hometown of Imperial, including family—my sister’s family moving back this summer has started a beautiful cousin-friendship between our daughters. But we didn’t realize child care was another reason.
    I grew up here. My dad’s family homesteaded southwest of Champion in the 1890s—I’m a Bauerle, in case you didn’t know.
I did schooling from preschool to high school in Imperial, and when I graduated from Chase County Schools in 2009, I said I was leaving and never coming back. Thank goodness I got over that.
    Before we moved back in April 2018, my husband and I lived in Lincoln, where our first child was born.
    When I was still working after our daughter was born, her daycare cost more than my entire paycheck, so I decided to stay home with her.
    Not only is daycare in Imperial cheaper, but the quality is through the roof. Whether your kids or grandkids are in in-home care, facility care or watched by a loved one, you can’t deny how good our kids have it.
    But it goes deeper than that. My kids will be friends with their daycare partners through high school.
    I’m already planning on my son and Truett Spady to rule the line of the Longhorn football team in high school.
    Besides friends, the providers themselves invest themselves wholly into the lives of our children.
    We see our daycare lady at supper at church on Wednesday nights.
    Last year before COVID, my son decided to go sit on her lap instead of mine. The kindness and compassion these providers show make me more than comfortable leaving my kids to go to work.
    But it doesn’t stop with their normal day time providers.
    Can we give a giant shoutout to all the grandparents who have stepped up to the plate when Mom has to take photos at the basketball game? Or pick up kids due to a doctor appointment?
    I couldn’t do this without outside support. My kids are obsessed with my mom. I don’t exist if she’s also in the room. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. She may tell you differently some days, but she loves being a part of their lives.
    They say it takes a village to raise children. Well, Imperial is technically a city, but close enough.


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