Biden must make good on ‘unity’ pledge

. . . Joe Biden has pledged to bring “unity” back to our country. Now it’s time for him to make good on those words!

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
America’s 46th president took office Wednesday at 12 noon ET. Regardless of whether you want Joe Biden as our new president or not, he IS America’s new president. And as such, deserves the respect the office commands.
    That will be a hard pill for ardent Trump supporters to swallow. Nonetheless, Donald J. Trump is no longer the president of the United States.
    I’m joined by a multitude of Americans who have never before seen our country as divided as it is today.
    In his campaign and since his election, Joe Biden has pledged to bring “unity” back to our country. Now it’s time for him to make good on those words!
    Republicans and Democrats will always differ on what they believe is best for America so it will remain the greatest country on earth.
    Our current state of division jeopardizes that ambition. Let’s pray that as a country, political opponents can find common ground to move our country forward.
    Trump’s now gone from office and any time spent by Democrats to further vilify or punish him runs counter to our new president’s pledge for unity.
    As a conservative Republican and Trump supporter, one thing I have never been able to figure out was why so many liberals out-and-out hate Trump. It’s not just a dislike of his policies but actual, pure hatred for the man himself.
    This hatred has spawned an ongoing cancel culture in the liberal community aimed at denigrating and destroying anything and anyone associated with Trump.
    Take the My Pillow company for instance. CEO Mike Lindell makes no secret about being an ardent Trump supporter and believes election fraud denied Trump of a second term.
    Succumbing to social media pressure from the left, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wayfair announced this week they will no longer carry My Pillow products. Where’s the “unity” in that? They join a growing list of companies who are disassociating with individuals or businesses who showed their support for Trump.
    That doesn’t even touch on the assault on the First and Second Amendments—rights granted to each and every American by the founders of our country.
    It’s prudent that we again remind each of you that we cannot sit idly by as this counter culture chips away at our basic Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and right to bear arms, along with all the other rights granted in the Bill of Rights.
    Our country finds itself at a dangerous crossroads on whether our democratic republic can survive. It’s up to President Biden to make good on his promise to restore unity. The future of our country for ALL Americans depends on it.


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