Is another COVID wave on the way?

The thought of a second wave of COVID-19 doesn’t seem likely here, but who knows?

In small-town Nebraska and relatively secluded from known cases and excess populations, the thought of a second wave of COVID-19 doesn’t seem likely here, but who knows?
    Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, has been in the news giving input on COVID from the beginning.
    In a press conference Tuesday, Fauci said the United States is “going in the wrong direction” and could see 100,000 coronavirus cases a day.
    Fauci believes that not enough Americans are wearing masks or social distancing. Again, this may not mean much in our isolated corner of the state.
    But I agree with him. Florida saw 25,000 infections in five days. Some say it’s testing being available now, but others say social distancing has been on the decline for weeks.
    Will this happen in Nebraska? I’m not the one to ask, but I don’t think our situation in Chase County will reflect the highly populated areas like coastal Florida.
    As of this week, the total COVID cases worldwide is over 10 million, with the U.S. cases sitting at 2.5 million. Nebraska’s confirmed cases sits only at 19,194.
    After states like Florida and Texas have reversed their reopening procedures due to spikes in cases, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Nebraska.
    On June 22, the majority of Nebraska counties moved in Phase 3 of reopenings, which included elective surgeries and fans outside of family allowed at sporting events.
    While Phase 4 doesn’t have a date set yet, the main change is increasing capacity in different areas, but guidance will remain and use is recommended.
    Will this second wave hit the U.S.? Possible. Will it hit Chase County? I highly doubt it. But keep a mask handy just in case and wash your hands anyway.


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