9/11 still pulls at heartstrings

Attacks 17 years ago have not derailed U.S. resolve.

Sept. 11, 2001 doesn’t seem that long ago, but when you do the math and grasp that the horrific terror attacks were really 17 years ago, the impact of that day can be realized.
    How many other events in your life bring you back to recalling exactly what you were doing at the moment you heard of the attacks 17 years ago? That says something about the important significance of that day.
    How many other events, when you watch the memorial coverage on TV, pull at your heartstrings like 9/11 does?
    As each name is read every year at sites in New York, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field you have to wonder what might have become of the people who died in those senseless attacks.
    A surprising fact mentioned several times in this year’s news coverage is that 25 percent of the U.S. population wasn’t alive 17 years ago on 9/11. That means most of our K-12 student population has only been able to watch the coverage each year and read about it, versus living through it.
    That makes it vital that our schools’ history books give a true, clear picture of what happened that day. Hopefully, school boards and administrations throughout the U.S. are mindful of that as new textbooks are reviewed when coming into their classrooms.
    9/11 did not destroy the U.S. as the terrorists had hoped. It did not derail the resolve to keep our country safe as Americans continue to live their lives without daily fears of another attack. Thanks to all of the first responders here in our community who help in that regard every day.


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