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My daughter Lena (middle) and her baby group pals on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. (Courtesy photo)

Where does the time go?

They say the years go by fast when you have kids. That’s definitely true.

I’ve written before about my baby group, but to recap: When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Lena, in October 2016, I downloaded some pregnancy apps on my phone.
Most of them nowadays automatically put you in a group forum with moms due in the same month.
Early on, a few of the moms in the June 2017 group I was part of suggested moving our group to Facebook since it’d be easier to communicate.
Two years and nine months later, that Facebook group still exists and I consider them my best friends, even though the majority of us had never met each other outside of Facebook.
They say the years go by fast when you have kids. That’s definitely true.
How is my baby already two years old?
Last year, we decided we needed to change that.
We started a poll and decided to meet up in Chicago in May, right before most of the babies would celebrate their first birthdays.
I’d never met these girls, but it feels like I’ve known them forever. I share more with them than anyone.
After last year’s meet-up, we decided it should be a yearly event, around the time for their birthdays.
St. Augustine, Florida was the site for birthday number two.
May 17-19, my husband, kids and I rented an AirB&B with two other families. Those two other families had also had another child (both boys, as well). Yes. Six adults and six kids under two all under one roof.
Were we insane? Possibly.
It felt even better than the first year.
The Friday we were there, we went to the alligator farm in St. Augustine, where my daughter got to meet a baby alligator and a snake.
She ended up petting the snake like a dog and tried to open its mouth. Yet she was afraid of the ocean.
After a mom’s night out on Friday, we gathered back at the rented beach house balcony for a card game and drinks, with baby monitors surrounding us.
It sounds like Denver will be the location next year.
Thank goodness, because plane tickets aren’t cheap!


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